Sherwin Williams Shrink-Free Spackling Review

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Sherwin Williams Shrink-Free Spackling Review.

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MrHarborFreight . 2014-07-21
Hey G nice vid (As usual). I ran across a product many yrs. ago called" Durham's Rock Hard Putty". You might wanna try it? It's a fine powder. U add water to make a paste. Wow! Stainable,paintable, interior/ exterior, sands in 15 minutes, no cracking or shrinking! It's like $2 or $3 for a quart. Super cheap! I'd like to see u do review. I love it. I KNOW Lowes sells it. Not sure who else? Hope this helps!.....Gus (aka MrHarborFreight)
121 2 . Reply
effeinc . 2014-07-05
Have you tried to see if it takes stain?
121 2 . Reply
Dusty G. . 2014-07-05
Alot of painter friends mix the two. Spackle 2 - 1 wood filler. tab bit of water (easy flow). put that into a ziplock bag. nip off the corner. to use.. works really well for interior painted trim.
121 2 . Reply
MRrwmac . 2014-07-03
Good to know. Might give it a try. My wood filler did the same. Thanks for sharing.
121 2 . Reply