How to Shampoo Your Hair, for Men

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Our short guide to shampooing your hair for the best result. Hair care expertise by Yaseen Sunum, presented by Damola Timeyin, special guest Ash Bhardwaj.

Brought to you by https://www.ilklondon.com, for menโ€™s grooming. Practical advice. Handpicked products. Thought-provoking editorial.

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Thy Overlord . 2018-06-26
How long would I have to rinse the hair then after I have applied it?
121 2 . Reply
Sayed Ali . 2018-04-30
Well,I think hair is more weak when it's wet.So massaging the hair when it's wet will pull out more hairs from your head as well???
121 2 . Reply
Quinten Tutaki . 2018-04-01
"It's perfectly fine shampooing your hair everyday" shampooing you're hair everyday can dry the scalp out.
121 2 . Reply
Jay Johnson . 2018-02-11
Thx! zis vid is really helpful.
121 2 . Reply
IW11 Vlogs . 2017-12-18
0:20 was embracing

121 2 . Reply
TheFapGod . 2017-12-05
I'm bald why am I watching this
121 2 . Reply
Sherjeel Chaudhry . 2017-07-14
79th like so early lol #awake #2:44am.
121 2 . Reply
Charlie Olaw . 2017-05-11
Within the first few days of using argan life hair regrowth product, I noticed my hair felt thicker and shinier. Definitely recommend!
121 2 . Reply