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Thank you for watching this little vlog and I hope it gives a good idea to some people out there with low pain tolerance who are scared of piercings like me! If you liked this and want to see me get my first tattoo or my belly button piercing please give this video a thumbs up! Have a lovely day everyone and I know I am a pussy lol xoxox

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    Popular Comments:

Freya Colvin . 2019-01-21
Did yours get infected? I'm getting mine in a few day and i'm sooooo scared of needles AHH!
121 2 . Reply
Soleil Wanamaker . 2019-01-17
This helped me so much. I have my second lobe peirced and I’m allowed to get my cartilage pierced on my 14th lel (I’m thirteen)...(and my birthday is in October..)😓
121 2 . Reply
Lu G . 2019-01-12
I’m 12 and I have my cartilage pierced
121 2 . Reply
•It’s Mack• . 2019-01-02
Okay I was told it won’t hurt since I was able to pierce my own ear (the lobe) by myself so it won’t hurt me too much but I’m still nervous😂
121 2 . Reply
Breanna Beech . 2018-12-31
i got my cartilage pierced and its been almost a week since i got it and it hurts sooo bad
121 2 . Reply
Molly Shimko . 2018-12-29
I’m watching this cause I’m getting my second lobe piercing and I have a medium pane tolerance and getting cartilage piercing hurt more than lobes do it boosted my confidence and I want to get my cartilage piercing one day
121 2 . Reply
Samaya H . 2018-12-24
i got mine done when i was like 13 and it hurttt i wish i had a high pain tolerance bc i want more
121 2 . Reply
Sw an . 2018-12-22
no one really gets shots for cavities where I live, I've had like 8 but never got a shot
121 2 . Reply
angelica margaritaa . 2018-12-22
im getting my cartilage and second lobe piercing on thursday (:
121 2 . Reply
Rylee Gray . 2018-12-12
I’m getting my upper lobe done tomorrow and maybe my cartilage if it doesn’t hurt too bad, but I literally pass out with the thought of a needle going through my ear so I’m getting the gun... Ik it’s not healthy but I can’t handle it.
121 2 . Reply
twilight sparkle . 2018-12-07
im going to get mine in couple of weeks im scared because im getting mine done with a needle
121 2 . Reply
Alexys Mason . 2018-12-06
I’m getting mine on Saturday and I’m super nervous
121 2 . Reply
Sharn kelly Gilbert . 2018-11-30
Tommorow I'm getting triple lobe and a helix I'm really scared I've already got my basic piercing but I'm really nervous for the rest but it's gonna looks so pretty
121 2 . Reply
Arianna Howard . 2018-11-19
My parents finally agreed to let me get one but I’m second guessing it cause I think it might hurt really bad to me at least
121 2 . Reply
Mysmall petshop . 2018-11-03
You have the same piercings as me and I got my helix done today XD I was exactly the same my heart was beating so fast then it was fine, mine hurt less than my lobes!
121 2 . Reply
gracie paige . 2018-10-21
getting mine done next weekend!! wish me luck
121 2 . Reply
Madison Emily . 2018-10-17
Aye how funny you went to inflictions in Covina I live in the area and I’m gonna get my cartilage done on Saturday 😜
121 2 . Reply
Sabrina Txbbs . 2018-10-13
I’m getting mine on Saturday or Sunday IN SO SCARED I HAVE A FEAR OF NEEDLES
121 2 . Reply
Mentalllove . 2018-10-09
I'm 14 getting two new holes on the soft part of my ears and one ring on my cartilage
121 2 . Reply
Adrianna Goodwin . 2018-09-27
Just came across this. I had mine done but had to take it out :( but this time I’m doing it with a needle
121 2 . Reply
Alexis Jackson . 2018-09-26
I am getting mine done and I am 12
121 2 . Reply
E.maguire 04x . 2018-09-08
Im getting mine done tomrrow im acc so scared all my friends have it done and I cried getting my lobes done the first time and the second time I nearly cried so I’m rly scared
121 2 . Reply
K R I S T I N E ! . 2018-09-07
Im getting mine in 4 days
121 2 . Reply
kitty playz . 2018-08-29
I had mine
121 2 . Reply
young shania . 2018-08-28
and girllll where did u get those lashes from, they're stunning!!
121 2 . Reply
young shania . 2018-08-28
my first ever piercing was my bellybutton, and I got that when I was 14, it bled like crazyyyy and it did hurt getting it done. I'm 15 now with my ears pierced as well so I can get the cartilage done. xoxo
121 2 . Reply
Lisa Diaz . 2018-08-13
I got mine in the 3rd grade at a sketchy swap meet for 7$ in 4th grade I got it redone since it closed up bcus i took it out at Claire’s for 30$. The one from Claire’s got badly infected I did everything I could to keep it clean so the swap meet one was definitely better! And about the pain it just feels very hot for at least .. like 7-10 minutes
121 2 . Reply
Jessica Walch . 2018-08-08
Got mine done today ( with a needle ) ngl it doesn't even hurt, just felt like a little pinch :)
121 2 . Reply
catherine ann . 2018-08-08
my friend has the exact same name as you
121 2 . Reply
Evelyn Grajales . 2018-08-06
I wanna get mine but I’m so scared I’ve been watching videos and they all say it doesn’t hurt but like I’m soooo scared 😂😭😭😭
121 2 . Reply
Aurorati Plays . 2018-08-06
i got mine yesterday i’m 11 and it hurts for like a little but i cried cuz i got nervous but it did not hurt that bad the worst part is when they put the actual erring on
121 2 . Reply
Shelby Chappell . 2018-08-05
I want a cartilage piercing
121 2 . Reply
awsome unicorn200 . 2018-07-31
121 2 . Reply
Liam YT . 2018-07-21
I'm getting mine done in a few hours and I'm literally SO scared, idk why, i think it's because of the pain apparantly it's really sore??

I got it done like an hour ago and it didn't hurt much. It just felt like a pinch then stung for like 10 mins after and now it's fine! I'd rate the pain a 3/10
121 2 . Reply
oh yeah yeah . 2018-07-16
are the piercings worse than injections?
121 2 . Reply
Gabrielle Rioux . 2018-07-16
Hello! I am 14 and I really want to get this piercing. I heard that you cannot sleep on your pierced ear because it hurts, but later, when it’s healed, can you sleep on it without problem?
121 2 . Reply
alyssa . 2018-07-16
Which hurt worse
Cartilage or ear lobes?
121 2 . Reply
OH BYUN SODA . 2018-07-15
I'm honestly planning to have one soon. Huhu probably i should go to a professional 🤣
121 2 . Reply
Ena Pervan` . 2018-07-14
I'm getting it soon
121 2 . Reply
Nina Robledo . 2018-07-13
so it’s friday the 13th & i wanna get my cartilage piercing so i click on ur vid since it was the top recommended to me right ? well girl i saw in the background u went to inflictions & that’s where i plan on going bc i live in the cove 😂
121 2 . Reply
Kaechu . 2018-07-09
getting mine in like 2 months TwT
121 2 . Reply
Salome Galindo . 2018-06-28
I got my second ear piercing yesterday at claire's, and I am thinking about getting my carterlige.
121 2 . Reply
imman abdullahi . 2018-06-27
Your not the only one I have low tolerance in pain
121 2 . Reply
Jhaunnise Jeffers . 2018-06-25
He said i dont have nothing 😭she jumped hella hard
121 2 . Reply
Khaira Kukich . 2018-06-23
I'm getting mine on both ears tomorrow and freaking out. Tryna go through the Internet to cool all this anxiety downnnn
121 2 . Reply
Sofia Montes . 2018-06-22
Does ot feel like a vaccine? Or like worse? Because I am getting mine pierced in 2 days and I am scareddd!!
121 2 . Reply
Kaylee Dolan . 2018-06-22
I got the same cavity filled 7 times and I didn’t have to get a shot once
121 2 . Reply
Savannah peters . 2018-06-08
Got mine done a week ago it doesn't hurt at all but is sore after i had a great experience
121 2 . Reply
Joshler . 2018-05-28
Getting mine done for my 13th birthday since that’s how old you have to be at least be to get it done. I am kinda scared. I’m getting it done at Claire’s so someone let me know how they did theirs.
121 2 . Reply
paper planes . 2018-05-26
I have very low pain tolerance and I did wince and have "trouble breathing"? I started breathing as if I stepped into a cold shower. It was sore after a while tho but I did forget it was there. Whenever I put new clothes on or put my hair up or something, it snatched in everything. It was so worth it tho. (I got it done a few hours ago with a needle) 👌
121 2 . Reply