Sulfite Allergy: What You Need to Know

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Overview of Sulfite Allergy - the do's and don'ts.

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koralblue . 2018-07-11
Also apparently it is not required for any food processing company to disclose sulfite up to 10 rpm. Notice that water that the supermarkets spray the vegetables with??? It has sulphur in it to help preserve the green in veggies. 🤔😌 the stuff is everywhere.
121 2 . Reply
koralblue . 2018-07-11
All packaged food have sulfites. You have to prepare your own food. Buy organic foods if you can find real one. 🙏🙏🙏
121 2 . Reply
newhaw .hero . 2018-06-14
after a year of suffering seeing endocrinologist, cardiologists and gastro-intestinal consultants i have finally discovered sulfites is the cause. i am also affected by diphosphates. after eating anything bad i get up to 36 hours of reflux, nausea, tachycardia (160bpm, i am 55bpm at rest normally) chest pains left quadrant. it is not nice. i am 58 was never ill before this started. respect to all fellow sufferers.
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Shaza . 2018-02-24
I have found a couple of things you probably know by now, but I will mention them anyway.
Tea is fine, most tea bags contain sulfites.
Those little packs they put under the meat to catch any blood and keep it moist contain sulfites.
Frozen vegetables are treated with sulfites to maintain their colour.
Frozen seafood is also treated with sulfites.
I don't touch anything in a can.
I miss the taste of a lot of food. I think being an Aussie, the thing I miss the most is Vegemite!
121 2 . Reply
Shaza . 2018-02-24
You are the first real block of information I have found. I have been unwell for two and a half years, slowly getting worse as time moved on. I was diagnosed with things like viruses, skin conditions, infections, reflux, and multiple times, It was thought it was in my head. After a year and a half, after giving up work, social outings, moving into the spare room from the room my husband and I shared and basically became a hermit, I knew I had to become proactive and take charge of my medical treatments. It took six months, and it was a particular rash when I was given adrenaline that appeared that made me really take notice. I was convinced I was allergic to adrenaline. It took four doctors until I found one that would reluctantly look into it, but when she did, we found it wasn't the adrenaline itself, but the sulfites in it. Because to this day there is no blood test, there is no skin tests, there is nothing to pick it up they know nothing about it here. Sulfites in food give me asthma like symptoms, often leading to a hospital visit. Any medication with sulfites in them send me into anaphylactic shock. Treatment is adrenaline. Adrenaline contains sulfites, so those trips were ICU stays. They tell me I am the first in Australia to have the condition, I believe I am just the first one they have found. Luckily, France makes adrenaline sulfite free, not because its a common allergy, its just how they make it. The hospital says they are going to do a case study on it, but I think there is something more that I can be doing. What if there are asthmatics out there that really aren't asthmatic, or if they are, they suffer more severe attacks because of the sulfites. The people that suffer terrible skin conditions because they are misdiagnosed. I truly believe this is a can of worms waiting to be opened. I don't know where to start with it because god knows I don't have what it takes to put a medical paper together or write a book. Any advice would be more than welcomed. I look forward to reading anything else you have.
121 2 . Reply
Never Feed the Roaches . 2018-02-16
You don’t have hair!!! why are you so upset about changing your shampoo?
121 2 . Reply
Vanessa Grant . 2018-01-21
Very informative,I realised I'm sulphite intolerant when hairdresser told me I'm now illergic to wine and detergents.Rash in ears has caused deafness.Docters unhelpful.
121 2 . Reply
sandy moonstone . 2017-12-16
🍎 I had welts / hives on my face. They felt like a real burn. Caused by sulphates in club
. soda and prunes. I think caffeine and a B vitamin aggravated my symptoms.
121 2 . Reply
White Dove . 2017-11-18
This is make tones of sense making my body alkaline has helped me quite much.
I did changes things I hate. I wonder what shampoos toothpaste you use.
121 2 . Reply
Hostile Raider . 2017-10-15
I don't have a clue exactly what the fuck is wrong with me my main problems are breathing and regurgitation I have had hives too but that was only once or twice I don't smoke cigarettes anymore and I don't drink but I do vape and I do eat a lot of canned and microwave foods I noticed my breathing gets worse if I eat a can of chef Boyardee and all my tests came back normal except for my pulmonary testing I believe I have a form of either an allergy or asthma or gerd or all of those fuck my life for the last 5 months
121 2 . Reply
koralblue . 2017-07-06
Sulfites are a terrible problem in Canada because fruits and vegetables are all sprayed with this substance. Also they are part of the chemistry of the food since it is used in the fertilizers.
121 2 . Reply
Angela Cooper . 2017-03-09
The inability to detox sulfite/ sulfates are a side effect of mercury toxicity. So have you had amalgam fillings ?
121 2 . Reply
LISA ROBERTSON . 2016-11-26
121 2 . Reply
Adriely Silva . 2016-06-13
alguém brasil?
121 2 . Reply
NCGirl9ify . 2015-11-30
Thank you for posting this. I have a sulfite and salicylate sensitivity. Can you please post more videos on the things that you eat?
121 2 . Reply
Hannah grace . 2015-10-18
I have severe Sulfite intolerance and have been dealing with this for over two decades. Likely before I had understanding I had the intolerance and symptoms.
I have experience projectile vomiting, severe asthma attach, headache, diarrhea, skin rash (eczema type rash), chronic irregular stool, major digestion issues, arthritis (joint -tendon-ligament weakness). My health symptoms at times are pretty extensive. I'm not sure they all are related.
I found out by drinking concentrated grape juice on an empty stomach.
I have chemical sensitivity and have had to change all the products as you mentioned.
Sulfite intolerance is caused by a lack of enzyme that converts Sulfite. Molybdenum is a enzyme co-factor.
Also, other offensive food items are canned or jarred tomato canned tuna. They use Sulfite to pasteurize equipment in the production of tomato products. At least they used to. It seems to hold true.
I cannot tolerate even a small parts per million.
It also accumulates over a time in the body. This can be fatal. One should be really educated, very disciplined, or never be without an Epi-Pen. Since Sulfite is a toxic substance it will build up with small exposures until one day it reaches a level of severe toxic load. That is my experience and opinion. I believe it also leads to gut flora imbalance but have no proof other than very disrupted digestion.
I feel intensely for the many people that suffer from this without any clue as to what they have.
I have found relief from raw organic apple cider vinegar mixed in water but, removing toxins from the body should be done slow and steady. Too much too fast is problematic. Less seems to be more.
I hope this helps someone out there.
Be well,
121 2 . Reply
Jo Ann McCullough . 2015-09-11
What did you do so you could still drink water? I have the same thing. I have copper piping in my house.
121 2 . Reply
Jo Ann McCullough . 2015-09-10
Thanks I will be checking out the rest of your videos.
121 2 . Reply
Victoria T . 2015-04-02
Was diagnosed three days ago, i am currently starving ive not eaten because i dont know what i can eat.

Been refered to a dietician but cant see anyone until june i tried to call and get a closer appointment but they dont have one.... Everything makes me sick i get hives a swollen eye was a symptom everytime i had marmalade and jam specifically asthma and chronic rhinitis i had three attacks in one week i dont know where to turn and my GP doesnt seem to know what to suggest just gave me allergyuk print out of foods to avoid litterally saying bakery goods
soup mixes
canned vegetables
pickled foods and vinegar
dried fruit
potato crisps
beer, wine and cider
vegetable juices
sparkling grape juice
bottled lemon juice and lime juice
many condiments (bottled sauces etc.)
fresh or frozen prawns
maraschino cherries
dehydrated, pre-cut or peeled potatoes

E220 Sulphur dioxide
E221 Sodium sulphite
E222 Sodium hydrogen sulphite
E223 Sodium metabisulphite
E224 Potassium metabisulphite
E226 Calcium sulphite
E227 Calcium hydrogen sulphite
E228 Potassium hydrogen sulphite
E150b Caustic sulphite caramel

This video is reasuring to me and probably the few others as it is rare. Id certainly never heard of such allergy until diagnosis, and never notice big bold sulphites in ingredients. In my country (UK) they legally have to write it contains sulphites but most dont they have corn starch or citric acid but no bolding which makes life very hard im currently living on water on grapefruit
121 2 . Reply
Judy Reina . 2014-07-18
Interesting video...looking forward to the cooking video.
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