Sharp LC-32 1 Blink TV Repair How to Troubleshoot Problem Between Bad Lamps and Power Supply

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Sharp TV Repair troubleshooting Power Supply and Bad Lamps with 1 blink error code.
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Sharp LC-32D44U
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Sharp LC-32SB23U
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Sharp LC-C3234U

In this video today we are going to take a look at a Sharp 32 inch TV and look at how to diagnose if you have bad lamps or a bad power supply.
You can see the LED flashing on the main board as it starts to boot up. The backlights come up and then they go out again. So, right now we have the blinking green lights, so I am going to reset the TV. I will reset the TV by holding down the power button and if you hold it down for a few seconds, it is going to go red. The next step is to hit the power button once and then it goes to orange. Then you can press and hold it and the TV will turn off. Sometimes you will find when you replace a main board or a power supply that you may need to reset the TV. You have to go through that sequence and then when you power it back on again, it will run normally.
So now we can go ahead and power on the TV and we have a green light, which is what you would normally expect to see. We are going to see the backlights come up briefly and then shutoff. There we go, the backlights just went out and then it will start to flash our error code, which is the blinking green light.
The next step is we will play with the power supply and see if we actually have bad lamps. We have gone ahead and pulled the power supply out of the TV. On this power supply we are looking for one specific component, it is Main IC, IC 7501. Just over to the left from there is a little capacitor, C7558, which is the one we are interested in.
What we want to do is just add a bit of solder across the top of this to act like a jumper and this is going to remove the error detection for the TV.
So if there is problem and it detects that the lamp is not firing correctly, it is going to allow it to stay on because you are shorting the error detection line out.
We are going to take our iron and get a little bit of solder on it and since this is so small, you will want to do this quickly, otherwise you risk moving the entire cap.
There we go, that looks good. So now that we have jumpered that out, we can go ahead and put the power supply back in the TV.
We have put the power supply back in and we can go ahead and turn the TV back on. There we go, we can see that the TV has turned on and it has stayed up. That shows us the power supply is good and the problem is most likely going to be with the backlights.
So this error code, could be caused by a lamp going out, which would show up as a dark band across the screen, otherwise it could be a lamp that is starting to fail that is causing this error code and may still be lit up, but it may be causing enough of a problem in the power supply to cause it to shutoff. If the lamps are defective, it is possible to replace them, but it is a pretty involved task and it does require taking apart the panel and getting replacement lamps. This is doable but is a more advanced repair. If the problem appears to be the power supply, then replace the power supply and that should get you up and running. In order to get the error detection working again for your TV, you will want to remove the jumper and that little bit of solder that you added. If jumpering the protection out does allow the TV to stay on, in theory you could run it like this, but remember you just removed a protective part of your TV and it could cause other problems and at that point will not force the TV to shutoff if there is an error. Do so at your own risk and this is not recommended. Thank you for watching one of our many tutorials here at ShopJimmy.com. We strive to learn and share new TV repair tips everyday, subscribe to our YouTube channel and grow with us, share our videos with your friends to help us spread the savings and don't forget to hit that LIKE button!

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Daniel Mihalache . 2019-05-19
commercial again, he won’t answer anyone just to get you on the website ... don’t bother
121 2 . Reply
I have a problem with my SHARP LC-42LB261u
TV Turns on.... No pictures...But with all the lights off in the room you can faintly see the screen with image [ie.. Settings menu] The screen flashes to show the settings roughly every 2 seconds...and just repeats continuously... Replaced the t-con board [3 separate t-con boards...no change in brightness or the screen from flashing.. We disconnected the t-con board to see if there was a change, obviously the picture with settings and such did not appear, but the faint backlight flashing every 2 seconds or so still remained constant...
Should we replace the power supply board or the input board? Any ideas would be helpful!
121 2 . Reply
leon johnson jr . 2019-03-30
3 power blinks and 1 opc
121 2 . Reply
WeAreGod . 2019-03-16
LC-32D44U . Wasn't turning on. Power light was blinking. I followed your instructions and did a reset. Turned it on. Displayed typical TV static from no signal. Menus/channel #s displayed clearly. Then after a few minutes the entire screen began flashing solid green.
121 2 . Reply
carl balatingan . 2019-03-07
how to repair sharp no display.
121 2 . Reply
ItzLight . 2019-03-06
Hi my tv is LC-32L400M she stop working and idk why please help
121 2 . Reply
KASSAR . 2019-03-03
i have a sharp lc-43cff6002e, Serial No. B43CF6002EB11N.
the problem is i use this TV rarely and just to watch YouTube and when i want to use it it can not load the YouTube Page so I have tried to update my TV through an USB stick and I have downloaded the right software from the website into my USB after that i put the USB into my TV and through the sitting Menu update using an USB after pressing OK the TV turned off and started to turn on and off Blue and Red Light mutually about 5 sec between every color, here i thought that every thing is ok and left the TV for about 30 min but sadly no news after what I felt bored and i have pulled the USB out and tried to turn the TV on but sadly no result only black screen with the Blue and Red light after that i pulled the Power cable out and then put it back again but now the TV started to flash the RED and Blue lights faster without any screen.
Please tell me what to do to make my TV's life back again.??
121 2 . Reply
hereje09 . 2019-02-28
Repair is not change the entire card, in my country repair is to save the original card by changing the component or components that are damaged in it, it is illogical to change an entire card for one or two damaged components.
121 2 . Reply
Mohammad Daoud . 2019-02-21
I have sharp lc32le260m not working completely duo to lightning & tendering pls help me what to do .
121 2 . Reply
NZEYIMANA Janvier . 2019-02-21
Hi i am Janvier from RWANDA, I have a problem with my tv sharp LC-32LE275X. The power is there indicated by steady red LED, after pressing power button green LED comes some seconds and disappear and after red LED comes back flashing, could you please give a support?
Best Regards

Bonjour, je suis Janvier de RWANDA, j'ai un problème avec mon téléviseur Sharp LC-32LE275X. L'alimentation est indiquée par le voyant rouge fixe. Après avoir appuyé sur le bouton d'alimentation, le voyant vert apparaît quelques secondes et disparaît. Par Après le voyant rouge clignote, pouvez-vous s'il vous plaît fournir un soutien?
Meilleures salutations
121 2 . Reply
walter manoy . 2019-01-31
Sharp LC -46LE450M With power on/off but backlight flash once for a very short time after few seconds of pushing power button ON. Power supply Board number 715G6310-P01-000-003S
121 2 . Reply
john letang . 2018-12-13
i have a 50 inch sharp tv led model number lc-50lb37ou when i turn the tv on their is a red blinking light that blinks for 7 time then goes solid blue no picture but if i hold a flash light on the screen i can see the menu any i deal thanks
121 2 . Reply
Michael Depositario . 2018-12-01
Hey JimmyShop..what shoul I do, our TV is SHARP LC-32LE265M. Its power is blinking in red when I turn it on. And iits monitor is off
121 2 . Reply
Marcos Cordero . 2018-11-28
Hey Jimmyshop I got a sharp liquid crystal tv LC-60C6400U
When I plug it in the light comes on but when I push the on button it doesn't turn on. Hiw can I get it touch with you?
121 2 . Reply
Anoop Kumar . 2018-11-25
I have sharp aquos LC- 60LE600U so when I plug-in it shows the light once and die.pls guide me if I can fix it at home
121 2 . Reply
Rushia Spires . 2018-11-24
sharp LC-32LB370U turns on and i can hear voices but screen black as if its turned off
121 2 . Reply
Łukasz Ka . 2018-11-17
his method does not work.
121 2 . Reply
قناة املو قناة عامة للجميع . 2018-11-11
sharp model lc-32gd8e
121 2 . Reply
Four Wheeln . 2018-11-08
Thank you for the tip, it helped me very well.
121 2 . Reply
alecsandro mendonca . 2018-10-13
My TV Sharp LC-55LB481U Roku TV. This tv turns off after 5 minutes. The red light was gone. And not back before 10 minutes, after keeping power off. What happening? How can fix that? Please help me and send email for me: [email protected]yahoo.com.br. thank you.
121 2 . Reply
Maikel de Vos . 2018-10-07
Hi I have a sharp lc-40le810e I have no power at al and yesterday no problem
121 2 . Reply
ariana mitzin . 2018-09-26
I have a sharp AQUOS 80" model # LC-80C6500U it flickers each time it's connected to HDMI. How can this problem be fixed???? Please help me!!!
121 2 . Reply
Bozena Galej . 2018-09-24
Hello Jimmy, my LCD - Model TV 42sb45u when u plug it on, there is no red power button, after 5-7 min. a green flashing light comes on, for hours with no picture or sound. Please advise what to do. Thank You. Bo
121 2 . Reply
virindra sewnath . 2018-08-28
Hey, I have a sharp tv (LC 42 X 20 E) but when I turn the tv on the standby light is blinking red and the opc is blinking green. So I don't get anything on the screen. Can you help me with my problem,
I hope to receive a response as soon as possible from you.
121 2 . Reply
Song Ale . 2018-08-18
thanks a lot.
121 2 . Reply
TEENZ FOR TRUTH . 2018-08-05
My TV sharp lc-32 blink problem
121 2 . Reply
Sunday Adikwu . 2018-07-18
I have Sony kdl-40cx520 LCD TV has flickering screen problem how can I fix it bcs It does not have the usually T-com board
121 2 . Reply
Angelica Escobar . 2018-07-15
Hi Jimmyshop. I have an aquos lc-32d44u and the power light is blinking. I fallowed your instructions to reset the tv and it works! Then after a few minutes watching tv it comes back to the same status (blinking the power light). Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks for sharing.
121 2 . Reply
Houssem Koubaa . 2018-07-12
How to test the RAM ic ?
Where can I show the video signal ?
121 2 . Reply
Hoang Nguyen . 2018-06-13
Hi Jimmyshop,
I have a Sharp TV 65" Model LC-65LE643U, it was dead after a storm lighting couple days ago, but I am not sure if the problem actually is the power supply or not, how can I test the board
My TV is dead and it has no power at all, and no standby light.
The number on my board L255A001L 9MC255A01FC3V2LF and the number on the barcode is:
Please let me know.
121 2 . Reply
Milen Ridzhakov . 2018-06-05
Hi all, I'm having Sharp Aquos LC-32CFE6452E and I can't do the hard reset. I've tried the steps with Vol- + Source buttons held until I plug it in the electricity and there is no menu for reset. Any ideas please. The real problem is that after somethime when I use the TV, some of the chanels dissapeares, but on the rest TVs they are available. The other problem is that the TV is veeery slow. Whe I turn it ON, i should wait some time to connect the WiFi, to check for USB or else, and then it is possible to change the chanels, or to volume UP or Down.
121 2 . Reply
Solofoniaina Tolojanahary . 2018-05-28
Hi, I have LC-32LE275X Sharp Aquos. The power LED blink 2 times once it is plugged in. I do not know what to do
121 2 . Reply
chander kothari . 2018-05-14
I have a problem with my Sharp Aquos LC32A37M TV. After power on the green light glows for few seconds, then blinks and turn red immediately. No activities on the screen. It is dead status.
121 2 . Reply
Jhoeann morales . 2018-05-09
hi hopJimmy.com
i just wanna know what is the possible problem of SHARP LC-32A33M AQUOS it start and open normal picture but after the picture come out it going to off and back to stand by mode... and if you hit the power button again it goes on again normally picture come out but then again it goes off and back to stand by mode again...thank you..
121 2 . Reply
Giovanni Gottardi . 2018-05-04
Hello Jimmyshop, my TV IS SHARP LC32X20E, it happens to me that after a lamp error the TV has entered in protection, the monitor can no longer be accessed, and it is impossible to carry out the procedures to reset lamp errors.
I tried everything, the initial reset by pressing POWER for few sex to reset and n result. Disconnecting the AC, power and restarting with the procedure "VOL (-) / INPUT" and no result. No one ofe the knowed procedures do work because the monitor does not turn on and I can not see anything, and impossibile do any.
Can you help me, thanks in advance.
121 2 . Reply
jahan hasan shikhi . 2018-03-29
Hi, I brought my sharp tv about 4 months ago. It’s sharp aquos 55” 4K smart tv. Model no: LC 55P6000U. Today while I was watching tv it’s just shut down with a huge noise (like burst) then I unplugged the tv and tried to start it after 15 minuets.. but I won’t turn on and there is no power light.. how can I fix it?? Could you please help me??
121 2 . Reply
Dan Hoover . 2018-03-18
Hi, I have a Sharp LC-LE70650U & it is flickering, horizontal lines steadily moving down yhe screen from top ti bottom, any clues?
121 2 . Reply
ALL IN ONE . 2018-03-14
sharp 32 led tv no power on led .but power supply looks ok 12v good.how to fix
121 2 . Reply
GTA Gaming . 2018-03-07
Sharp 32 Inches LED TV (LC 32LE550M Metallic Silver) problem in screen dancing the lines
121 2 . Reply
texassplayed . 2018-03-02
I have lc-60c6400u that I was able to force on until I moved it now when I force on it will light up for 1 sec and shut off and flash 1 fast 1 slow again
121 2 . Reply
otavio luiz Oliveira . 2018-02-21
thank you
121 2 . Reply
j cruz . 2018-02-02
kindly help sharp lc 32le340m standbybpower is blinking fast but the red light is not bright. tnx
121 2 . Reply
Romel Subran . 2018-01-28
Hey I have a LG 32 smart it for not power on red light blinks then goes out
121 2 . Reply
Novakiller31 . 2018-01-15
Hi my son through a console controller at my tv it’s a sharp lc-60e78un I’m getting flashing lights the power twice and the OPC light five times I don’t know what to do please help if you can there is no reference in the manual for the light codes
121 2 . Reply
Russell sanders . 2018-01-14
My sharp lc80le844u cuts off the sharp symbol blinks 1 time and cuts back on. I still have picture and sound. Tv only cuts off about 10-15 seconds. I did the back door reset and it said I had “ 0 “ lamp failure faults. I don’t know what else to try. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you
121 2 . Reply
esmail shaker . 2018-01-13
hi i have sharp aquos lcd tv model LC-32A37M AND when its plugged in ther are sound and no video light blink
thanks so much
121 2 . Reply
Kelvin Chirwa . 2018-01-11
AQUOS sharp LC- 32A37M
it comes on and off two times then goes on standby
121 2 . Reply
Prossy Isubikalu . 2018-01-10
mine is a Sharp LCD colour Tv mode LC - 32LE10M. The red light is flashing on and off and the screen cannot turn on
121 2 . Reply
Jim Calavera . 2018-01-05
I have a sharp model LC-60LE640U the power board is good (I already tested with a different tv) the TV is not turning on no video or audio, any suggestions about what to check?
121 2 . Reply
JAVIER FLORES . 2017-12-29
i have a sharp model #LC 52SE94U , it do not turn on i only see the blue light (power on light) then after a min or soo the blue light start blinking with a green light( opc) but i never see anything on the lcd , i try to force it to turn on with the down volume button and the input button at same time when pluging in the power cord at nothing happen , any ideas?
121 2 . Reply
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