Jessica Barth Returns As A Teddy Bear's Wife In 'Ted 2'

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Jessica Barth shares the screen with a potty-mouthed teddy bear in ‘Ted 2.’ She plays Tammy Lynn, a grocery store clerk who dated Ted in the first movie. In the sequel, she's married to him...and, shocker, there are issues. FULL INTERVIEW HERE: http://www.myfoxla.com/story/29332363/jessica-barth-returns-as-a-teddy-bears-wife-in-ted-2

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Ted (Award-Winning Work) Jessica Barth Ted 2 Comedy (Film Genre) Teddy Bear

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Frank Pilch . 2018-11-09
So crazy how this woman has been doing this acting using nothing in front of her which really makes her better actor than Mark Wahlberg to an extent I mean how many people have actually had to do what she did and here she is you know on some second-rate interview and nobody will hear this or see this and the woman is fantastic she's probably a better hacked her then I don't know 3/4 of the people out there being that she can act towards nothing there who can do that I mean the only other person is Mark Wahlberg that's it through the only two people who can do it and do it right therefore she should be paid the same as him I'm just saying Tammy Lynn you got it going on babe and Ted does not appreciate you like a real man should so you need to kick his fuzzy ass to the side drop that zero and get with the hero okay I've been drinking a little too much tonight so don't hate me for it
121 2 . Reply
uwu グーチ owo . 2016-08-16
she should have been Harley Quinn
121 2 . Reply
Kelsey Haight . 2016-06-07
She's so damn UG-LY she's such a pathetic worthless Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera wannabe I know she was being such a spoiled selfish bitchy cow in the Ted movies 😛😤
121 2 . Reply
Yu Wang . 2015-12-15
her eyes amazing
121 2 . Reply
Shan Ashes . 2015-11-07
most beautiful women on our mother earth
121 2 . Reply
retro racing . 2015-07-04
121 2 . Reply