Tyron Woodley vs Demian Maia Highlights video fight

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Tyron Woodley vs Demian Maia Highlights video fight

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    Popular Comments:

keebmarketing . 2018-09-22
Funniest shitt so what's all that BJJ versus what? Lol lololol... then you just see those Jokers laying on their back this ain't metamoris or some grappling only competition

See the fanboys cometh...i did that bjj in the late 90's and left for a specific reason. There was bitch shit going on then and looks like it is still there
121 2 . Reply
Sigit ENP . 2018-09-14
If this is conor's TD defense then Khabib has a lot of trouble
121 2 . Reply
The Last Thrasher . 2018-09-14
I could see why people didnt like him for this fight. But damn could this man stuff the take down. What a strategy , i feel he could have finished the fight cuz maia gas tank was on E. Idk about the full 25 minutes but the highlight made it seem like a great fight. Woodly could have k.o ed dude
121 2 . Reply
TheMagnificentPower . 2018-09-14
That would've been a highly frustrating night for any grappler. Stuffed takedown after stuffed takedown, oh my!
121 2 . Reply
Lucas Omena . 2018-09-12
Woodley ficou com medo do Demian
121 2 . Reply
Nookie Nookie . 2018-09-09
Boring fight, mostly due to awesome strategy from Tyron even stunning Maia, not going to ground.
121 2 . Reply
LivingIsChilling . 2018-09-08
“Greatest welterweight” my ass , ever since he became champ he’s been a lil bitch
121 2 . Reply
Ana Calamari . 2018-08-31
Woodley has one punch knockout power and usually spends 2-3 rounds analyzing the hell out of his opponent’s rhythm and tendencies and launches the show stopper at the perfect time. With his last fights, his opponents have been extremely reluctant to engage with him. That’s why he’s still the champ. They are never aggressive enough to win, but if they get too aggressive, Woodley will knock you out. That’s why a Woodley fight is either amazing or boring with little in between
121 2 . Reply
Bruce Lee 99 . 2018-08-29
This is one of the smartest if not, THE smartest strategies I’ve ever seen a striker use against a grappler. Tyron was so careful, he knew not to get on the ground with him even when he’s virtually stunned 0:58. Just Excellent!!
121 2 . Reply
Jake Greenberg . 2018-08-28
Woodley has some beast take down defense.
121 2 . Reply
Erick . 2018-08-14
if you hate on Woodley you just a casual. dude is an amazing figther this isnt a street fight. AMAZING PERFOMANCE.

Conor will do the same to Khabib.
121 2 . Reply
Chris Mckimmey . 2018-08-12
That was awesome.
121 2 . Reply
Mc Donalds . 2018-08-09
This is the most boring fight of all time. Woodley sucks he is the mayweather of MMA. Selfish, ego too big, only cares about a win. He should actually try and win by beating down his opponent not this week shit
121 2 . Reply
Manuel Andrade . 2018-06-20
Dana deffenly dont wanted to put that belt around his waist!
121 2 . Reply
Afshan Tase . 2018-06-01
Was this the highlights what the fuck man not even a single punch landed in the highlights
121 2 . Reply
Hurakan Kondor . 2018-05-21
Beautiful defence fuck the haters
121 2 . Reply
Sampo Kemppainen . 2018-05-20
Dana White said, that it was least punches landed ever. Apparently all of them landed on Maias face.
121 2 . Reply
Johnwaynelsd25 . 2018-05-16
So glad Woodley beat Maia.
121 2 . Reply
adrian wright . 2018-05-03
Can you imagine if the khabib fight was offered to Tyron and he said fuck Yh I’ll fight him boooooom super fight he want lol but he said fuck no and he wonder why
121 2 . Reply
Shea Doherty . 2018-04-24
This was a boring fight because Maia kept going for the takedown as Woodley capitalised on
121 2 . Reply
Lane Shaeffer . 2018-02-26
How the hell is there a highlight video for this
121 2 . Reply
Topflight Style . 2018-02-11
Woodley has hands of stone! He held off a great fighter!
121 2 . Reply
Lenar 07 . 2018-02-06
All Demian maia wanted was a hug from the champ, is that too much to ask
121 2 . Reply
Swan 1000 . 2018-01-13
What woodley did here is amazing. Maia looked unstoppable coming into this fight.
121 2 . Reply
Kevin Gamer . 2017-07-30
Tyron Woodley vs Demian Maia Highlights video fight
121 2 . Reply