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The Venom teaser is OUT! And fans have... thoughts. Memes, mostly. Are fans demanding too much of the teaser or are they right to be disappointed?

Written By: Eddy Rivas and Eric Vespe
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Jon Risinger

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    Popular Comments:

Robert Kenny . 2018-07-03
I really hope this movie turns out to be good, I for one do not want this movie to bomb just shoe horn Venom into the MCU.
121 2 . Reply
Gy Se . 2018-04-29
yes seperate carnage and venom movies would have been ideal. too much carnage like qualities bleeding into venom. it should've been done as venom like qualities bleeding into carnage if that makes sense. Tom Hardy will sell it. Venom will ruin it.
121 2 . Reply
Big Mike . 2018-04-09
Venom isn't a villain, he's an anti hero, man-bun.
121 2 . Reply
Chris . 2018-03-23
I'll actually be glad if this has nothing to do with the current marvel universe. I'd rather not have this movie be part of all the recent 20 movies that came out from marvel. I can't keep up with Marvel these days. It feels like Marvel just spits out a movie every other month. It's too fast for me. It shocked me to find out ther was 3 thor movies, 3 iron man movies, 3 avengers movies already.
121 2 . Reply
We are Venom . 2018-03-14
It’s not a disappointment
121 2 . Reply
Michael Jurado . 2018-03-02
Wtf happen to John?
121 2 . Reply
Hapa man . 2018-02-22
I'm interested in a Nova movie about Richard rider/Sam Alexander then say Venom
121 2 . Reply
TimtheBigDaddy . 2018-02-17
It was very good for a teaser trailer in that it teased us without showing really...anything. That's what a teaser trailer should do, tease you.
121 2 . Reply
Eric-the-Cleric . 2018-02-16
As someone who isnt into the Marvel movies, the trailer is confusing. I forgot venom was a character until this, but it still has no appeal now that I remember. Sorry Tom Hardy...
121 2 . Reply
justin corbett . 2018-02-16
I think this teaser did what it was supposed to do ...its gets people talking about the movie early now if they give us this huge build up and they ruin the movie ..like rian Johnson did to star wars lol..I will be very disappointed. I love Venom and I think ton was perfect choice for the role also I hope they make this R rated ..
121 2 . Reply
UrpleDeath . 2018-02-15
121 2 . Reply
Scott Browning . 2018-02-15
The do show the title if you look down at the bottom of the screen at the end of the trailer. It's small and kind of after the fact but it's there.
121 2 . Reply
Linkman247 . 2018-02-14
I realize it's a teaser trailer. But...being a Sony film, I'm not sure if I have a lot of faith in it. I mean Sony gave us that dumpster fire Ghostbusters film.
121 2 . Reply
Chaox 56 . 2018-02-14
Yeahhh burn blue!!
121 2 . Reply
JT Gamer . 2018-02-14
It’s not in the MCU proper I will not watch it
121 2 . Reply
TheSpacecraftX . 2018-02-14
Seems like a non-issue.
121 2 . Reply
nope soap . 2018-02-13
I wish it was flash Thompson not Eddie Brock
121 2 . Reply
Andrew Cooper . 2018-02-13
I'm not even gunna watch the video but it's a foocking Teaser trailer. Not the official release -_-
121 2 . Reply
Sundowner Mc . 2018-02-13
Remember Godzilla starring not Heisenberg or Godzilla, some generic wall personality random soldier.
121 2 . Reply
Spider Comics . 2018-02-13
damn i look good in that iron suit please don't tell aunt may i cursed the second time
121 2 . Reply
luis garcia . 2018-02-12
DC movies aren’t worth the 80 dollars i spend at the movies I rather just pirate it if I like it I’ll pay for it on iTunes
121 2 . Reply
Scotch German . 2018-02-12
I prefer knowing nothing going in to a movie so I’m all about this teaser that barely teases.
121 2 . Reply
TheErnieforss . 2018-02-12
I think the 90s spawn trailer is a better venom trailer than this trailer. You know a guy wearing black symbiotic suit riding a motorcycle with a car crash.
121 2 . Reply
buldog1022 . 2018-02-12
Why do people give it so much crap, i think this is good idea to have.
121 2 . Reply
Silly Siji . 2018-02-12
The immense lack of intriguing content gives you little reason to be excited. Like Transformers or other franchises as of late they seem to expect hype to do all the work while showing nothing to be hyped about.
121 2 . Reply
Miles Morrow . 2018-02-12
Yo...my birthday is October 5
121 2 . Reply
Raul Gonzalez . 2018-02-12
If a veteran movie it's for the MCU it's not well they still want to hang out
121 2 . Reply
Switch Productions . 2018-02-12
I get the teaser is a teaser but it still makes me nervous. This is the one movie that can’t be ruined for me
121 2 . Reply
MikeDeezy326 . 2018-02-11
Wost... Teaser..... Ever....
121 2 . Reply
A J . 2018-02-11
Thanks "the know" your fake banter, bullshit pandering and over the top laughing at nothing really pulls it all together for me 👌🏻 thanks for treating your audience like children it's an awesome feeling.
121 2 . Reply
legion . 2018-02-11
Tom Hardy's accent sounds kind of terrible though
121 2 . Reply
Michael Bradley . 2018-02-11
Jon is finally back!!!
121 2 . Reply
Paul Calvert . 2018-02-10
I really like that trailer. I don't know much about the MCU or Venom for that matter but this trailer got me really excited to see this movie. More than the Avengers movie tbh
121 2 . Reply
Jay Nukem . 2018-02-10
Sometimes less is more. I think it works here.
121 2 . Reply
Robert Lara III . 2018-02-10
121 2 . Reply
İnsomnia . 2018-02-10
People who defend this teaser is stupid.Yes teaser doesnt suppose to show you everything.But its job to get you exited and hype for movie.Trailers making for market to movie.And this teaser does noone of them.Also this is one of the most generic teaser I've ever seen and if you dont know to name of movie or subject of movie you can think this is a Tom Hardy action thriller.
121 2 . Reply
Nate G . 2018-02-10
Nice shirt John
121 2 . Reply
Lord Zev . 2018-02-10
Trailers these days show WAY TOO MUCH of the movie. Then go to see the movie and you're not surprised... just reminded of all the cool stuff you ALREADY SAW in the trailer.
121 2 . Reply
Mo Blacklion . 2018-02-10
Okay I know how the original Venom came about I don't know anything about some other type of venom so this is going to suck I got a read up on what this Venom would be or where he came from
121 2 . Reply
TheSturdyOak . 2018-02-10
I was expecting a bit more enticement from the trailer. I wasn’t sure if it was Spider-Man venom or a random movie of the same name.
121 2 . Reply
GomerJ . 2018-02-10
The problem is everybody holding a teaser, I'll repeat, teaser, to trailer standards. Do you really want to see Venom in costume with unfinished CGI? If there's a lesson here, its maybe for studios to skip teasers and wait for production to finish to provide a full trailer. They were trying to do something for us fans by giving an early peek.
121 2 . Reply
Quothcraft . 2018-02-10
Trailers need to show less. Just give me the tone of the film and who its about in the broad strokes.
Its getting to the point where you can see a trailer and know all the major plot points of movies.
121 2 . Reply
Me my opinion Sche . 2018-02-10
People take a deep breath and relax. The move will come out.
121 2 . Reply
Me my opinion Sche . 2018-02-10
It's a teaser trailer what do you expect? Either trailers are showing too much or too little of the movie.
And can't win them all.
Looking forward to this movie!
121 2 . Reply
Sicarius Avindar . 2018-02-10
I'm not disappointed, or impressed, just concerned. In my opinion Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock doesn't make alot of sense, he'd be a PERFECT Flash Thompson, but not Eddie, he just doesn't look the part to me, I just can't see it. A few other things concern me, not being in MCU, us not seeing Venom in it's full form makes me think that they're still working on it, so it's either going to look rushed as hell or Amazing, but given Sony's track record, the latter seems unlikely. I also fail to see Woody Harrelson as Carnage, it just to me doesn't seem to fit. I hope it's good, Venom needs it, but I'm not confident in Sony's ability to do this.
121 2 . Reply
xero3a . 2018-02-10
This is definitely a good amount to show in a trailer for a new property.  Giving too much info can ruin a movie, and not giving enough information, can frustrate newcomers because they have no real reference to go off of.  To the first point though, it's always best to "want more" from your franchise than to feel bloated from too much.  To some aspect, everything they've shown in the trailer indicates (from my own perspective) what a good path to world building, around Venom, might look like.  If I had to guess, were gonna see about 10 minutes of gold ole symbiote action, and the build up to it being presented.  Prepare for a seemingly long hour and a half-ish franchise.
121 2 . Reply
mbawkher . 2018-02-10
It’s called a teaser trailer, otherwise we’ll get another garbage Batman vs Superman trailer
121 2 . Reply
CarminSteele . 2018-02-10
Don't see it. Let Sony drown so they give Spidey and his whole villain cast back to Marvel.
121 2 . Reply
Timothy Verheyn Jr. . 2018-02-10
<3 Jon
121 2 . Reply
Scarlett Carroll . 2018-02-10
Not showing venom, especially in the first teaser, could be a purposeful decision to try and hype up the whole "what's he going to look like" thing to make people curious. Same with the "V" instead of full Venom title. They wanted non-comic book movie people to be curious about what the V means, then have everyone be curious about what he'll look like. Whether it worked, hard to tell.
121 2 . Reply