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After 24 years any mystery surrounding the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman is over ... because O.J. Simpson confessed. FOX aired "O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?" Sunday night and Simpson walked publisher Judith Regan through what happened on June 12, 1994.

Harvey Levin breaks down the mind blowing interview.

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    Popular Comments:

Rohan Devulapalli . 2018-08-20
This is where we start to respect Harvey quite a bit!
121 2 . Reply
Jasmine Jeanine . 2018-08-19
What I find interesting is that a serial killer told his family LONG before ANYONE knew that he was a serial killer that he was going to do Nicole Simpson in. His name was Glen Rogers, he also said that OJ hired him to take 20,000 earrings that OJ had given Nicole back even if that meant killing her to get them!! Unfortunately, what OJ didn't know was that he just hired a psychopath who LOVED stabbing his victims, slitting their throats, he also had NO issue killing men or women. Sound familiar! I know OJ was upset at Nicole and wanted her to pay but he didn't want to do it himself for sure. Though Glen said that OJ Simpson came over to inspect his handy work. Hence the footprints in blood since by then they'd bled out.
121 2 . Reply
James Tan . 2018-08-19
The police should re-open this case with the confession! And get him executed!!
121 2 . Reply
Christopher Robbins . 2018-08-18
OJ was a victim of oppression and racism.
121 2 . Reply
Steven Hair . 2018-08-15
Mark Fuhrman will go down in history as the only racist white man to help get a guilty black man off of 2 counts of 1st deg murder.
121 2 . Reply
Idiots in Rockford . 2018-08-15
I have a confession OJ wasn't the killer I did it I killed them jk I wasn't even born yet
121 2 . Reply
SHUTUP C*NT . 2018-08-13
I love how this guy always tries to look bigger on camera what a midget
121 2 . Reply
Rhonda H. . 2018-08-13
121 2 . Reply
BULL1TRC Jr . 2018-08-12
White people like justice when it’s convenient for them
121 2 . Reply
Hope Tawney . 2018-08-09
unbelievable..i akways knew he did it
121 2 . Reply
I got gaz . 2018-08-09
Bra you sound like a cop
121 2 . Reply
ItsJustGrace . 2018-08-08
I'm not surprised at all. I've always known him to be Nicole and Rons murderer.
121 2 . Reply
SBG 10 . 2018-08-07
“Nobody knows what happened that night better than me”
Ummm. So he isn’t the murderer or a victim and he knows better than everyone else.
“I got mad.” (Was it a physical altercation?) “No. It was a verbal fight. And I grabbed the knife.”
What I wish he said —————-
I mean I should be talking hypothetically to lie to everyone but whatever man I already confessed man so yeah. Oh and btw my next interview is gonna be about how I hypothetically need McDonalds and robbed McDonalds. That’s my next interview. Because have you seen my dad bod?????
121 2 . Reply
Jamie Grimes . 2018-08-07
We all know we f**** did it and we all know his money got him off sometimes people don't deserve a right to a fair f**** trial when it's obvious that they're guilty so many people have committed heinous murders have gotten off because of that right to a fair f**** trial
121 2 . Reply
Mario Espana . 2018-08-06
Wait so oj was not the murder than who is? Lol
121 2 . Reply
letsgetswole pinoy . 2018-08-05
He just got away with murder only cuz hes a celebrity ...
121 2 . Reply
Christopher Colliers . 2018-08-05
I did it! It was me!
121 2 . Reply
Herbie Shevers . 2018-08-03
A devil is the devil. He should screaming like his victims did.
121 2 . Reply
Wil Wright . 2018-08-02
Well guess what? trail said he is innocent. So he is legally not guilty
121 2 . Reply
Brooke James . 2018-08-01
Can he still go to jail ?
121 2 . Reply
coli . 2018-08-01
You also forgot to say, that he said he had a blackout. How can you have a blackout and not tell what happened that night, if it was just hypothetical?
121 2 . Reply
rick jacobs . 2018-07-31
This guy the biggest piece of trash and I am not talking about OJ
121 2 . Reply
alecs alex . 2018-07-31
So that's why it's called the land of the free .?!..nice.... usa...
121 2 . Reply
SARA . 2018-07-31
Click bait cos all I’m hearing is you talking not oj???? But everyone knows he did it confession or not
121 2 . Reply
Kaly Elizabeth . 2018-07-31
O.J. is a classic case of a psychopath turned killer. He's narcissistic, abusive, has no empathy for others (even for his own children) and at the same time if you look at his past, before the murders, he was great at putting at putting on a show for people (he always new the right thing to say and was very charming). I encourage everyone to watch the show "Made in America" on Netflix. Its about OJ and of course the trial, but also about the culture in L.A. at the time and all the racial tension that was going on. It really makes you see how he ended up getting away with murder and getting a verdict of "Not Guilty". It's a very VERY interesting documentary series.
121 2 . Reply
Never Mind . 2018-07-30
Black Americans vs. White Americans : Complete Hatred on One Another "Forever"
121 2 . Reply
Aaron Price . 2018-07-30
If it doesn’t fit! You must acquit! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
121 2 . Reply
Kristin Sisson . 2018-07-28
I have never heard of such a thing except as kids and teens as hypothetical.I mean at least as far as I know it meant you did it.I have never known of a hypothetical that had enough details to become a book and a show.I don't know if Ron Goldman's father is at peace or turning in his grave at this.I cared about the victims but what I remember of grief was his father
121 2 . Reply
Shanghai Pierce . 2018-07-27
Harvey Levin is also a murderer. He has been murdering the truth via the corrupt media for decades
121 2 . Reply
Charles Roberts . 2018-07-27
They thought oj simmon was not guilty give me a break 24 years ago they had oj's DNA ON THE CRIME SCENE.
121 2 . Reply
Pembrook Sutherland . 2018-07-26
121 2 . Reply
123HAPPLYMEAL123 . 2018-07-25
Hypothetically i beat my meat to amy Schumer IM SPEAKING HYPOTHETICALLY
121 2 . Reply
Jajon Johnson . 2018-07-24
Oj playing with a lot of people's heads. and this coming from a student of phycology.
121 2 . Reply
Jayson V . 2018-07-21
White people have been getting away with murdering Black people for 400 years. This ONE black man gets away with murdering two white people and they are having a on going fit about it. I'm glad he got away, it's COMMA
121 2 . Reply
Marcus Regan . 2018-07-19
No one saw that coming, even Juice.
121 2 . Reply
Sherman Humphrey . 2018-07-17
But There was more than 3 people so...
121 2 . Reply
Beryl onmyown . 2018-07-13
All the commentary and not one single clip. Wow! Propaganda as always!
121 2 . Reply
Tabitha Ramos . 2018-07-11
Well she should marry a white guy no a ass hole black so she will stay alife enjoying her grand kids
121 2 . Reply
D POPS . 2018-07-10
We all know oj did it
121 2 . Reply
Schwamtastic Voyage . 2018-06-30
The Juice is INNOCENT.
121 2 . Reply
Reyes Gomez . 2018-06-27
He ain't do shit bruh
121 2 . Reply
Jeff Thompson . 2018-06-27
Hahahaha dude knew karate and lost to a old ass arthritis having chump smh pops should have sued the karate instructor instead.
121 2 . Reply
Mario Comparan . 2018-06-26
i dont condone what OJ did, what he did was wrong, but why is everyone angry at OJ? he was aquitted by a jury of his peers, if anyone is at fault its the people of the jury or the entire american justice system, not OJ. dont we have a justice system so that the defendant may defend himself? hire attorneys so that they may represent the defendant to the best of their abilities? its ridiculous to continue to be angry at OJ, he didnt rig the american justice system or pay off the jury. what he did was bad but lets move on, he even had to pay for it when he was incarcerated for so long on the other charges.
121 2 . Reply
Jeff Busby . 2018-06-23
Is that fucking tony danza?
121 2 . Reply
John Doe . 2018-06-22
This Case Was About Race Not Actually Facts Every Black Jury Wanted him to Get off - SAD
121 2 . Reply
amy Choulat . 2018-06-21
He confessed hypothetically in the book "if i did it"
121 2 . Reply
323 323 . 2018-06-20
It was glen Rogers the serial killer
121 2 . Reply
General Grievous Jr. . 2018-06-20
Hypothetically I commented on this video.
121 2 . Reply
Luis G . 2018-06-20
Tmz is like talking to 12
121 2 . Reply
ACE IN THE COLE99 . 2018-06-20
What did Chris rock say?!? What would you do if you saw another Man driving your Ferrari dicking down your wife I not saying he should have killed her ... But I understand!!! For me when he said he got in a karate position as well I’m like shit this dude is confessing to murder!!!
121 2 . Reply