"Ted 2's" Amanda Seyfried On Acting With Invisible Co-Star | TODAY

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As the “Ted 2” actress returns to talk with the TODAY anchors about her new comedy, she explains what it was like to act to an invisible teddy bear as Seth MacFarlane shouts the lines off set.
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"Ted 2's" Amanda Seyfried On Acting With Invisible Co-Star | TODAY

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    Popular Comments:

Artur V . 2019-02-21
121 2 . Reply
Juan Antonio . 2019-01-02
Te amo Amanda❤️🌷
121 2 . Reply
J rocs . 2018-11-21
Titsy, that was a good accident lol
121 2 . Reply
Happy Michie Worriah . 2018-06-10
Aw ted
121 2 . Reply
Ahmad Shahin . 2018-06-07
Is film lile
121 2 . Reply
Elizabeth Bathory . 2018-05-17
These hosts are terrible. The way they talk over each other as well as amanda. But the most cringe worthy part is the opening 30 seconds where they age themselves by referencing tech. I've watched interviews to understand that they need to have personality but these guys lay it on thick and that jist makes it nearly unbearable.
121 2 . Reply
Feras Shareefi . 2017-10-15
They. Just laugh .. too many interviewers
121 2 . Reply
Kakto Tak . 2017-04-21
She is indeed quite titsy. For her size and complexion at least.
121 2 . Reply
13blanket . 2017-04-11
Why are there a thousand people interviewing her?
121 2 . Reply
Desmond Lyons . 2016-04-22
That's just uncalled for her titsys are clearly not bitsy
121 2 . Reply
Anakin Thorné . 2016-03-25
i've never seen so boring iritating bitch
121 2 . Reply
Iam Ninja . 2015-08-18
what kind of interview is this? all i hear is the reporters talking over each other and not allowing the actress to even finish the sentences
121 2 . Reply
chateucaddy . 2015-08-14
So Amanda Is "Tittsy" Says Willie...lol...
121 2 . Reply
bandofbrothers2025 . 2015-07-09
121 2 . Reply
Yessie . 2015-07-01
She is so pretty
121 2 . Reply
Brin Bart . 2015-06-28
You know the white guy got told to chill out after that.
121 2 . Reply
kody Hughes . 2015-06-26
121 2 . Reply
Jayden Jones . 2015-06-24
Listen to Cody when he screams
121 2 . Reply
Pantherkraft . 2015-06-24
titsy lol
121 2 . Reply
TODAY . 2015-06-24
"Ted 2's" Amanda Seyfried On Acting With Invisible Co-Star
121 2 . Reply
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