Starving Her Baby to Death | Chicago Med

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Dr. Manning and Dr. Halstead treat a pregnant woman, but things become complicated when they discover the baby is malnourished and underdeveloped.

Season 3 Episode 2 "Nothing To Fear"
Dr. Rhodes continues to balance his home and work lives and, when a patient of his is re-admitted to the hospital following surgery, Dr. Latham sidelines him from the case. Dr. Reese and Dr. Daniel Charles continue to disagree regarding patient treatment, leading to one patient slashing Dr. Reese's car tires. Meanwhile, Maggie threatens to separate Dr. Choi and April when they disagree on how best to care for a patient.

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    Popular Comments:

L B . 2019-04-20
After every video has anyone noticed how there's a weird moaning noise?
121 2 . Reply
Episode ccYT . 2019-04-19
You know what I'd just let the baby die 🙄 And be like to the mother "Well your fault isn't it sooo...whatcha want me to do?" 👌🏻 I can't bring the baby back sooo..?
121 2 . Reply
ImJustYana . 2019-04-19
oh my god i jus realised that the woman doctor is melissa hastings from pll
121 2 . Reply
chim chim jimin . 2019-04-19
Spencer sis
121 2 . Reply
ruxy _ v . 2019-04-19
what app is this show on
121 2 . Reply
lil memelord . 2019-04-19
People need to do a fucking liscence test to get pregnant.
121 2 . Reply
Sass bass boo . 2019-04-19
Alaric's ex witch doctor
121 2 . Reply
Lily Porter . 2019-04-19
I feel bad wanting the kid to die just so she could learn from her stupidity.
121 2 . Reply
mia butron . 2019-04-19
It would be interesting if House had handled this.
121 2 . Reply
Gacha 4ever . 2019-04-19
5:29 the lady has her eyes so wide😅😅
121 2 . Reply
Tea Sis . 2019-04-19
She’s annoying.
121 2 . Reply
KeithKogane IsLife! . 2019-04-19
Where’s Dr. House when you need him? He’d sort this ignorant woman out.
121 2 . Reply
Brook Eh . 2019-04-19
This mom would totally be an Anti Vax mom
121 2 . Reply
Eve Dawson . 2019-04-18
Hey Julie, Heard you got that Drip Drip Drip Drip
121 2 . Reply
Mystic PandaX . 2019-04-18
121 2 . Reply
Monkey H . 2019-04-18
Never argue with hippies . It will get you nowhere.
121 2 . Reply
Ninja Potato . 2019-04-18
That lady needs to caaaalllmmmmm down
121 2 . Reply
Rainier Lozano . 2019-04-18
Your husband fucked you
Thats your baby
Take care of your own fucking child!
121 2 . Reply
Hit or miss . 2019-04-18
Is the nurse Melissa, Spencer’s sister from PLL?
121 2 . Reply
Sara Stanic . 2019-04-18
I have never watched the show and still this is in my recommended🤦🏻‍♀️
121 2 . Reply
Amelia Marriott . 2019-04-18
I love idiots.
121 2 . Reply
Elektra Pedersen . 2019-04-18
Saving the child would be useless, if the mother just goes back to being like that and possibly ends up starving her children
121 2 . Reply
Lore . 2019-04-18
She's so fucking stupid
121 2 . Reply
AmyAnn Weterson . 2019-04-18
This type of woman need to stop having children, I don't care what some idiots will tell a true mother instinct will never let you to hurt your baby. This childrens raise by this type of women are just psychically ill when they become adults.
121 2 . Reply
Bubbly Soda . 2019-04-18
I would not have the patience for that mother ughhhh
121 2 . Reply
Nontobeko D . 2019-04-18
Step 1: Relabel the bags and medication.
Her: what's that.
Dr: aloe Vera
Her: what's that you injecting me with.
Dr: Apple cider vinegar.
Step 2: Have the nurses and doctors change into clothes that make them look like mystic birthing doulas from an ancient mountain to gently bring her child (her very unique and special baby) into the world.
121 2 . Reply
Wan Farah Wan Zainuddin . 2019-04-18
Do people like that really exist? Completely and utterly unable to listen to experts? Risking the life of her child for what? Imaginary impurities? It's so frustrating to watch.
121 2 . Reply
Bridie . 2019-04-18
I hate the message of “I was going to commit suicide but then I thought of my son” sends the idea that people who commit suicide are selfish for not thinking of others... just a thought
121 2 . Reply
Natalia Janerka . 2019-04-17
Wait so she’s not eating? Why tho? Someone please explain?!
121 2 . Reply
Stacey Wise . 2019-04-17
People like this shouldnt be able to have kids😩
121 2 . Reply
katie Taylor . 2019-04-17
Is that mellisa from pll or the actor? I can't tell 😂
121 2 . Reply
Anisa Akthar . 2019-04-17
Is Dr Charles still alive
121 2 . Reply
Skye Tracy . 2019-04-17
I like Chicago fire and Chicago med and Chicago pd
121 2 . Reply
Moonchild . 2019-04-17
I'd totally slap that woman
121 2 . Reply
rirri . 2019-04-17
Let the baby die, only then will people like her understand
121 2 . Reply
룐나 ♡ . 2019-04-17
My mother’s boss had a similar time incidents but it was 100% his and his wife’s fault. They’re vegans and their Abby was born malnourished and 6 months after being born the baby died due to the parents forcing the baby to have the same diet. It happens to 2 of their other kids too.
121 2 . Reply
Eli ayah . 2019-04-17
The acting on this show is atrocious.
121 2 . Reply
Ivy. H . 2019-04-17
Her haircut is SLAYYING❤️❤️
121 2 . Reply
Melissa Trotman . 2019-04-17
crazy eyes @ 5:29
121 2 . Reply
galaxy_shadow flames . 2019-04-16
The boy which had the yellow hair is the girls father
121 2 . Reply
Gacha_ Duck? . 2019-04-16
I hate Mrs Goodwin!
121 2 . Reply
LPS ThunderSparkle1 . 2019-04-16
This woman is mean to the doctors that are trying to help her and is being rude to them because they don’t want her to kill the baby. It’s really stupid and the lady angers me so much. I’m not sure what this lady is against but I’m sure it is absolutely ludicrous.
121 2 . Reply
Andreia Sofia . 2019-04-16
This would actually never happen IRL. I mean, the beginning, yes. The "we can't do anything" and the "she put this in my IV behind my back".
1st: she would definitely be considered unfit to make her own decisions, so she would basically be forced into getting IV fluids, plus food through a tube. Like, 1 second she can decide what's being done to her or not, the other it's the husband that's chosen not to take action?!
2nd: doctor putting things in IVs?! Since when? Where are the nurses?
3rd: doc puts stuff in IV while specifically told not to? Licence is lost.
Feel like this show is only: "SHOCK HORROR STUPIDITY" anymore...
121 2 . Reply
SiSvsBrO & Friends . 2019-04-16
I feel sad for her
121 2 . Reply
That Gall . 2019-04-16
Blackmail at its finest
121 2 . Reply
That Gall . 2019-04-16
Why did she go to the hospital if she don’t trust
121 2 . Reply
That Gall . 2019-04-16
Why is the dumb baby the number one priority it should be the woman 🤭🤭
121 2 . Reply
That Gall . 2019-04-16
Nothing is pure anymore all covered in pesticide and government poison she can do what she wants
121 2 . Reply
That Gall . 2019-04-16
It’s 👏 her 👏 decision 👏

And if anyone comments other wise that will be my answer 🤷🏼‍♀️
121 2 . Reply
Dana Plasma . 2019-04-16
Guys are these stories true or what
121 2 . Reply