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    Popular Comments:

re-animator re-animator . 2019-01-27
Is this a vid about how steel seal works or how to smoke heroin?
121 2 . Reply
Charles Jackson . 2019-01-05
Going to try it today fam my Head Gasket blown
121 2 . Reply
David Offor . 2019-01-04
Seems like a nice guy but I think monty python would’ve been proud of that test, looked like a procedure for mixing up some crystal meth 😂.
121 2 . Reply
beatsfromchicago . 2019-01-03
Umm that's very good but you used water not antifreeze you geezer queaf.. lol
121 2 . Reply
Carl Blake . 2018-12-17
Jesus Christ you need some sleep panda eyes
121 2 . Reply
paul austin . 2018-12-11
Snake oil for the terminally stupid.
121 2 . Reply
Tban Tucker . 2018-11-25
I'd recommend another test, since a lighter can reach over temperatures that a car would never reach, it may have "overcooked" the fuild, over an open flame compared to a coolant system that circulates the fuild keeping temperatures consistent,this test has some inconsistent variables I'd accurately retest. on a regulated hot plate or oven let's say 212 to 232 degrees, I would assume tests would be more accurate. Just my two cents, all in all good video.
121 2 . Reply
Lee Robinson . 2018-11-25
I used a different brand. It worked for a few months but like you said it can block the heater core... Gonna be a cold winter thank god for heated seats!
121 2 . Reply
Electric . 2018-10-27
This stuff works and failure to work is probably because someone added
it to anti freeze/coolant when it should be mixed only with water initially. Anti freeze/coolant is only to be added after the fix and drained of water and Steel seal.
121 2 . Reply
Zack Wright . 2018-10-17
Someone didn't read the lighter manufactures light warning of no keeping it lit for more than 30 seconds
121 2 . Reply
Nigel Smith . 2018-10-13
The manufacturer says to add the sealant to cold coolant or clean water then to run the vehicle until hot for 30 minutes, then let the whole thing cool down. Whilst I appreciate the test you did, there was no liquid involved, so you didn't replicate the actual conditions. Further, this stuff is only designed to work on the finest cracks, and if it was as solid in the engine as you had hoped, then it would simply jam up the entire cooling system.
121 2 . Reply
Chang. . 2018-09-25
Did it work?
121 2 . Reply
Gary Brown . 2018-09-18
Be warned only use this stuff if the other choice is scrapping the engine. Removed cylinder head today from 1.25 ztec ford that had been treated with this stuff about six weeks previously. Water passages in head totally blocked causing localized overheating. Spent over two hours clearing solid resin from head & still not happy it is all out!. Lesson learnt (fix it properly)
121 2 . Reply
Linkinpark Scotland . 2018-09-11
My heater matrix blew and after replacing the Matrix, the radiator cap kept losing water due to a pressure build up. Cylinder Head Gasket.
Looking at a £1200 GBP on a Van only worth £500. I opted for a fix in a bottle and added Steel Seal.
I was not expecting much, however two and a half years later, still no coolant issues.
Then some Numb Nut Crashed into the rear of my van whilst I was sitting at a Red Traffic Light. I actually got a ticket for being shunted through a red light.
Immediately the Gasket gave up again.
This Stuff, (STEEL SEAL) it worked great for my Fiat Van Two and a Half Years ago.
So I added another Bottle of Steel Seal and got home 400 miles.
Insurance later declared the Van a right off due to the chassis damage.
If all else is lost and you submit to sending your Vehicle to the Scrap Yard. Then a £30 bottle might buy you some time to use your Vehicle to shop around the Dealerships for a new one. Hell they might even take yours for a trade in.
121 2 . Reply
lee . 2018-08-29
I have also found this product to be amazing and effective, however this product is for minor gasket damage only it cannot reseal severely damaged gaskets, unfortunately a side effect of using this product is it can leave a white paste, and boiling hot water mixed with vinegar and using a stiff brush helps to remove it, also besides the process there are procedures & time frames to control the heating and cooling cycles of the engine to maximize the effectiveness of the product.

but before you consider any product, you have to identify the overheating causes first and repair them, before you can diagnose your head gasket symptoms and the extent of the gasket damage, if you think you can just add treatment to your vehicle and resolve your head gasket problems think again, it takes time and patience to diagnose and eliminate each cooling system component as the cause of the engines overheating, and it takes time and patience to diagnose the head gasket symptoms and assess the extent of the damage to the gasket block and cylinder head etc.

You have to use a checklist to help you diagnose the health and condition of your engine before you consider your options, and i'm not even a mechanic.
121 2 . Reply
Aaron Miller . 2018-06-10
This a pin up video lol all jokes aside did it work ?
121 2 . Reply
oddball79 square . 2018-06-02
Great test, I have used before & it worked great on my T4 2.5 tdi , however just done 1 bottle on a 1996 v6 3.0l not worked. I have just ORDERED A HGV PACK of 3 bottles for £28 obviosly my v6 3.0l needed 2 bottles.
PS I hope u chucked that kIDS straw away & did not spill any on your kids plastic fork that was rite next to u during test. NASTY WARNINGS ON BACK OF BOTTLE
121 2 . Reply
Lynn Brown . 2018-05-28
great idea test
121 2 . Reply
Dolly DeHart . 2018-05-26
😂 how to completely destroyed your engine 101.
121 2 . Reply
theArron86 . 2018-05-15
Im a mechanic and this stuff is amazing.
121 2 . Reply
Bob Marshall . 2018-04-17
Duh !!!
121 2 . Reply
John Ward . 2018-03-31
I can see it working. Fill up a straw with that stuff and try to shoot it out, I bet it holds on pretty well. You're just patching a wee little pin hole or cracked more often than not. If you have a hole in your block the size of the piece you made, you're a very optimistic person for trying to use that, haha.
121 2 . Reply
Learning Christian . 2018-03-29
Never put this crap any where near a car you intend to keep! I am currently doing head gaskets on an XK8 Jaguar that burst a hose while the person was on holiday, overheated and shortly there after developed a head gasket leak. A local garage did a get me home on the hose and the owner put the sealant into the car to get them home. Now the heads are up for proper repair and nothing on earth will get rid of this s*%t out of the cooling system. I have contacted the manufacturer but no reply, tried a couple of good quality flush additives and done numerous warm and cold flushes and it is still there basically anywhere there was an air pocket or turbulent flow in the system such as round tight bends is coated in a white insoluble coating. You have been warned! It slowed the head gasket leak for about 600 miles.
121 2 . Reply
H. Ammar . 2018-03-27
How did it work for you? I just ordered some of this stuff for a minor HG leak.
121 2 . Reply
big sexy . 2018-03-23
It worked on my car
121 2 . Reply
andy d . 2018-03-23
I wouldn't put that in anything worth more than 200 quid.Even then,only as a 'limp-home' option
121 2 . Reply
Adam Packer . 2018-03-09
You forgot the antifreeze it works as a chemical reaction with antifreeze and the two form the seal not just the product alone
121 2 . Reply
Michael Solis . 2018-02-25
Great idea for a test... I have a Cadillac Eldorado with a head gasket issue. I was wondering how any clear liquid would possibly see if something like that.
121 2 . Reply