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The rant is strong with this one.

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Leonid Sokolov . 2018-05-26
George Lucas literally fucked over Mark Hamill. That scumbag already knew he wanted to sell the IP, so he increased the value by contractually binding the old cast.
121 2 . Reply
Jarl Knudsen . 2018-05-21
Star Wars is going to take a nose dive so hard Bollywood will eventually be able to buy the entire franchise from the Disney bargain bin.
121 2 . Reply
GM Steelhaven . 2018-05-20
The Force Awakens: 2 billion
Rogue One: 1 billion
The Last Jedi: 1.3 billion
Solo: ???
Star Wars 9: ???
121 2 . Reply
Kos Juludo . 2018-05-19
#StarWarsLegends>>>>>>>>>>>Disney's Rebooted "Canon". You will ALL BEG FOR LUCAS TO RETURN! Also, BEAST WARS IS AWESOME! You're officially my fave Youtuber! :)
121 2 . Reply
shgsdjsaam yqkeemnwl . 2018-05-19
I knew it from day one.

Im pleased with myself that I refused to give Disney ANY money: I watched The Farse Awakens by piracy download and I felt like killing myself. So, I watched Rogue One, also using piracy, and again I felt like commiting suicide. So, with the Last Joke, once again I downloaded the pirate version, I still couldnt go beyond 15 min. And by now, Ive already gave up to try.

But not a freaking single coin to Disney, NEVER again. That's why Ill also take the pirate version of Avengers Infinity War. Disney will NEVER again take a single coin from me. Piracy all the way until the end.

But Im done with SW. I wont be watching ep 8 or 9 or ANY other, not even by free.
121 2 . Reply
Prince Thunderflare . 2018-05-19
Kathleen should be fired and replaced by Mark.
121 2 . Reply
Remote Prophecy Productions . 2018-05-18
Revenge of the Sith is my favorite movie of all time. No movie even comes close. Its beautifully written, portrayed It has the most action, the most planets with the most location changes, with the longest and most light saber battles while taking the viewer through the craziest emotional roller coaster the franchise has had to date. The Opera House scene for example is the most cunningly written, sadistic and perfectly portrayed scene the franchise has given us thus far. Amazingly there are plenty of other great scenes just like it from beginning to end.
121 2 . Reply
Megumin . 2018-05-18
121 2 . Reply
Senior Woodz . 2018-05-18
Star Wars is dead to me now.
121 2 . Reply
TheScotchaholic . 2018-05-17
Star Wars has been and always will be for newbs! LMAO!!!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Joseph Doll . 2018-05-16
Thumbs up for being right.... But mostly for starstruck by Rainbow in the outro!!!
121 2 . Reply
The Intuitive GUITARIST . 2018-05-16
Yea yer right ... it blew...
I've nothing intelligent to add ... it blows ... worst star wars ever worse than phantom menace
121 2 . Reply
Wiederwald Christian . 2018-05-16
are you actually a man? I am confused?
121 2 . Reply
C. J. . 2018-05-14
Screw Disney. Can we just ignore Darth Mouse and day the original trilogy and the books are cannon and the new crap is mythology?
121 2 . Reply
Rack The Jipper . 2018-05-13
I still haven’t even bothered to watch The Last Jedi yet. If they put it on Netflix or when it hits the movie channels then yeah I’ll watch it then. But after the nostalgia, the only reason everyone was singing its praises to high heaven, wore off I get the feeling it was only gonna get worse not better. I have to admit there was a lot I liked in Rogue One, but overall it was pretty boring,except that last scene of Vader cutting ppl like a dough boy at the at the end of his coke supply.
121 2 . Reply
UNKNOWN 1 . 2018-05-13
Going in dry lol
121 2 . Reply
harkenrebirth . 2018-05-10
The thing with Kylo Ren following what hapens in tht Last Jedi.. I was somewhat hoping that him Killing his father Han Solo in the Force Awakens had some real meaning. As if Kylo was writen as a moraly grey character. That has a goal. To end the First order. By infiltrating it.... And destroying it from inside. Killing his Father, an important person to him, being that one moment that makes him become part of that inner circle. So that he gets close to Snoke and Kills him. Much like what hapens in the last jedi. Making him a character that would do ANYTHING... to save the galaxy. That he saw what Snoke would do if he didnt do something. Something Luke was afraid. That Luke saw Darkness in Kylo... But that it was the wrong kind of darkness. But the kind that does whatever it takes to save everyone. Killing father, killing thousands of people, even planets.. To get to that one enemy that would bring the wholle galaxy to destruction. Instead. He became just the stereotypical villain. He kills Snoke, rather patheticly, and then takes over the First order. Not really original. I was hoping for something diferent. As in NEW. Had they made it so that Snoke dies in the third movie. And that kylo did everything bad just to get at him.. THAT would make for an interesting movie. Cus you would see all the horrible things he does in the 3 movies untill the end of Snoke.. Then sudenly.. You realise he did it because he had to... He had to get to Snoke. This leader of the First order that nobody has SEEN personaly. Only thru comunications. That you find out that he is actualy a good guy. That did whatever was needed. That he sacrificed himself, his heart and soul to do what was trully right. A Grey Jedi? Maybe, since he was trained in the way of the jedi, then the sith... but he is neither. He does what needed to be done. Instead. he is just a generic villain who wants power and kills wheoever he needs to do so. Its the basic of every star wars story. Teacher gets student, students is trained, they rule together, the teacher gets betrayd and killed by the student who rules instead. Gets his own aprentice, trains, ends up geting batrayd by student, is killed and over and over. The same generic star wars bullshit when it comes to the sith. Unoriginal. We saw this in the prequals, we saw this in the sequals. I mean he could have become a sort of sad vader like character. That would find redemption at the end. INstead... Nope. He doesnt. Which is sad. A really missed opertunity by the director and writer of the script. Also rather anoying how we dont even see anything about the "Knights of Ren".. Who are they? Where the fuck are they?
121 2 . Reply
Herman Cillo . 2018-05-08
The Rey/Luke/Snoke/Kylo parts work pretty well, but the rest of the movie is a gaping void of bad writing and contrivances.

I actually like the Snoke death, and the Luke death works okay. The sad part is that the rest of the movie does NOT support the good parts of the story, and drags the good parts down like the goo monster killing Tasha Yar. Only less dignified.
121 2 . Reply
Wes Wolever . 2018-05-06
Lucas should’ve stop with the original movie
121 2 . Reply
moneymandate . 2018-05-05
what a fuccing mess of a film
121 2 . Reply
The Big Z . 2018-05-05
I'm glad I wasn't the only one in 2015 who thought the force awakens would be terrible.
121 2 . Reply
Qilue . 2018-05-04
I had to endure a 4 minute fucking coffee ad to watch this, still worth it.
121 2 . Reply
Akumaten Juugou . 2018-05-04
I remember renting TFA from Redbox (WORST DOLLAR I EVER SPENT), the second Emo Ren killed Han, his own father who's only crime was bringing his son home, I knew the rest of this trilogy was going to be shit.
Let it burn in its putrid shit.
121 2 . Reply
Bill Bo Haggins . 2018-05-04
(((Jew Jew Abrams)))
121 2 . Reply
Olaf Von Hambergler . 2018-05-03
Why isn't the "FUCK YOU I WAS RIGHT" dance a meme?
121 2 . Reply
Oen713 . 2018-05-02
121 2 . Reply
Void . 2018-05-02
The prequels sucked (Plinkett) and no amount of dogshit Disney releases will make them better. You are dancing around the point...these films are being made by well leashed beta males (JJ, Rian) which is the EXACT same thing as being made by grandfathers (Lucas, Spielberg). No one wants Lucas back OR Disney, they want the films to be good films and the stories to make some fucking sense and NEITHER of them have achieved this.
121 2 . Reply
I grew up obsessed with the original trilogy. Watched the movies all the time when I was a kid, bought the action figures, played the video games, you name it. With TLJ, I went into the theater with cautious optimism that Disney could make a new Star Wars movie (after the remake of ANH that was TFA). It (somehow) got great reviews. However, I left the theater not giving a shit about Star Wars going forward. Not a single shit.
Yeah, the people who like whatever the fuck Disney is doing with the IP now can scream "who cares what you think it will make billions of dollars!!!" until they are blue in the face, but they forget that people like me are at the age where many of us have young children. Disney needs people like me to grab their kids and head to the theater to create new Star Wars fans so Disney can keep pumping these turds out twice a year or whatever their plan is now for the next decade. But after the prequels and the kick in the balls to Star Wars fans that was TLJ, I have zero interest in anything Star Wars going forward. I will not be dragging my kids to the theater to create new Star Wars fans. I will introduce them to the original trilogy and that will be it. Hell, I am not even excited about THAT knowing that it is all down hill after RotJ. Not just a hill, a cliff into the abyssal zone.
I did not think it would be possible for people like me to not give a crap about Star Wars anymore, but here we are. Well done, Mouse. Hope you have an escape clause for that inevitably garbage trilogy you signed Rian Johnson up for.
121 2 . Reply
DangerIncFilms . 2018-05-02
Mark was better as the Cock Knocker in J&SB than Luke in Last Jedi.
121 2 . Reply
Jesse Henderson . 2018-05-02
The Disney Mad Hatter impression is strong with this one
121 2 . Reply
Cobra . 2018-05-01
Great video Mr. Fist, you got everything right, but you miss an R in Starstruck =(
121 2 . Reply
DOKTOR242 . 2018-04-30
Ahaaaaaaaa haaaaaa ! 10/10
121 2 . Reply
Gamer Noob . 2018-04-29
HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa !!!! Omfg Funny !!!
121 2 . Reply
William Ricks . 2018-04-29
Hell yeah
121 2 . Reply
thekittenfreakify . 2018-04-29
Well I lost my bet because I wanted to hope didney wasn't going to be this retarded.
121 2 . Reply
David Olver . 2018-04-28
you rock mate
121 2 . Reply
ArcTrooperMaize . 2018-04-26
Damn this was funny as fuck
121 2 . Reply
middleage gameguy . 2018-04-25
I can watch this video 100 times and it'll never get old. And I'm pretty sure I have watched this 100+ times.
121 2 . Reply
Fatman in Paradise . 2018-04-23
...I do want Lucas back.
Honestly more of the prequel shite would more consistent.
121 2 . Reply
Captain Ahab . 2018-04-22
Can we get the 'fuck you I was right' dance in GIF form?
121 2 . Reply
stormshadow2k . 2018-04-22
This. Is. Pure. Fucking. Gold. R1 was better than these two turds. The Last Jedi makes me want to go appologize to Jar Jar. Turns out he didn't ruin SW after all. Kathleen Kennedy, JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson did. And fuck you for that as well. And thus ends my lifelong love for the franchise. I will not see another Disney SW movie. My heart bleeds for Mark Hamill who had to put his face on this tripe. Sorry Mark, we love you.
121 2 . Reply
AMP . 2018-04-22
There are so many Star Wars stories in book- and video game form that are 1000% better, yet they choose time and time again to write this flaccid shit without any fucking substance at all and call it a movie - it baffles me
121 2 . Reply
Thor . 2018-04-20
At least the 'Star Wars Christmas Special' from 77 is on DVD and can be used as an immediate palette-cleanser to get the taste of 'Last Jedi' out of your mouth.....
121 2 . Reply
Blackadder5 . 2018-04-20
I can't wait for the Han Solo movie to come out. Not because I'm going to see it, just because I'm hoping that it will crash and burn harder than any film in the franchise.
121 2 . Reply
Blake Bridges . 2018-04-16
Sad to say that unless massive changes happen at Disney, Star Wars may as well be dead.
121 2 . Reply
Jimmy Jack . 2018-04-11
Lmao, Michael Jackson at the end
121 2 . Reply
i7fan . 2018-04-09
Hamill's glass stare is for sitting around people who he KNOWS are not into feminist garbage but they ACT like they do because they HAVE TO act that way or the social media mob comes down on them. Hamill's stare comes from him thinking "WHO THE FUCK AAAAAARE THESE PEOPLE?!".
121 2 . Reply
i7fan . 2018-04-09
Requirements for being a jedi these days? A round face and a fucking vagina.

121 2 . Reply
Richard Whereat . 2018-04-09
I took ten seconds of your video to use as a reaction clip, for all those times when I was right. Thank you for providing outstanding footage there.
Should you prefer to upload your own extended version of that reaction, on its own, I, and everyone else, would love that, and probably prefer it to the 10 second clip.

121 2 . Reply
Joel Dykman . 2018-04-08
The new trilogy would have been way better if they did the EU timeline with Laia and Hans children instead of the dogshit
121 2 . Reply