Samsung LCD TV Repair - How to Remove & Install Backlight Inverter/Power Supply Board (LIPS) Board

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How to properly remove the LIPS board for BN44-00264A, BN44-00264B, & BN44-00264C
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In this video we will show how to properly remove this board from the panel for replacement or repair. This board is a combination of both the backlight inverter and the power supply and can be referred to as a LIPS board.
It is very important to be careful when removing this board from the panel. You will want to be sure that you do not remove or damage this black strip on the panel which connects directly to the lamps underneath.
I will begin by disconnecting this cable from the LIPS board. Next, using a screwdriver I will remove all of the screws that secure the board to the panel. Be sure to save the screws as you will use them again when re-attaching the board.
After I have removed the screws, I will pull the board free from the panel. The board is secured in place by tabs that are inserted into the black strip. In order to safely remove the board, I will put my hands on both sides of the board and slowly and gently begin pulling back while rocking the board back and forth until I have pulled it free.
Be sure to not use too much pressure and always be sure all of the tabs have been removed from the black strip before lifting up on the board.
Now, I am ready to re-install my repaired or replacement board back into the TV. Again, I will put my hands on either side of the board and line up the tabs. Then, I will slowly and gently begin applying pressure while pushing the board back into place in the black strip.
Next, I will reinstall all of my screws to secure my board to the panel. After the screws are installed, I will re-attach the cable and put the back cover on the TV.
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    Popular Comments:

David Ulrich . 2019-02-14
Jimmy! Great vid. I have an LG 47LN5700 (about 2012). Picture no sound. Did the flashlight trick so I have narrowed it down to inverter, backlight or mainboard. Is there a way to at least diagnose for sure without taking it in for a costly diagnostic check? If I have to do that - I may as well just buy a new TV.
121 2 . Reply
ShadowcasterZero . 2018-12-27
I've got a Samsung tv model # samsung tv ln46d630m3f. No picture, no backlight only standby light no sound. I've just opened it and all the capacitors are flat and good. What's the next step? Replace the fuses? Test all the micro caps/fuses? I'm stuck
121 2 . Reply
Sean R . 2018-08-01
Great video. I have a question. I have a 46in Samsung Model # LN-T4671F. I no longer have any backlights. None. Not even the bottom center blue light. I have to unplug it to turn it off & when I plug it in, It automatically turns on. I'm guessing it's the Power Supply / Backlight Inverter BN44-00166C [C267]. I saw it on ebay. I was just looking for a second opinion from the community before I purchase it. I build PC's and thought Televisions were way more complicated and had alot more parts.. I was wrong. Any advice on this would be very helpful. I've subscribed and will share this page as well : ) Ty
121 2 . Reply
Andrew Garza . 2018-07-09
I have a Samsung 50 inch TV and has no back lights it turns on has no images in the front but I do have sound what could it be help me Jimmy please
121 2 . Reply
Haj Jalotjot . 2018-06-15
How would I know my tv has a lisp board instead of inverter board? UA37D5000 SAMSUNG. Thanks.
121 2 . Reply
phil abbe . 2018-04-22
ln40b500p3fxza why not show how to fix the board instead of replacing it. that would help more than anything. issue turns on, standby light blinks, no video or sound
121 2 . Reply
Shuan Cookke . 2018-02-28
What happens if you chip one of the tabs that connect to the black strip. Hypothetical, let's say I broke one completely off. Please respond with your diagnosis and what experience you have in this field.
121 2 . Reply
Lino Ardines . 2017-12-15
What would cause my screen to flicker black then show image then black again 3 times! you can see the picture.
121 2 . Reply
MPDano . 2017-11-13
I got a un32eh5000. I can barely see the screen so assuming backlight inverter. Do you carry one?
121 2 . Reply
Imran Sadiq . 2017-11-10
There is Lcd 32" Samsung La32a330j1n. What is the reason why backlights are turned on but 1 mint on of on of 3 time on of only sound back light of
121 2 . Reply
Robert Lone Bear . 2017-09-28
What if the black strip is crack. What is part name and how to restall this black strip?
121 2 . Reply
Ellijah Swanston . 2017-08-01
The back light on my tv comes on and cuts off from time to time, could changing the power board fix that issue?
121 2 . Reply
Angelo Jones . 2017-07-08
how do I remove the back on my sanyoflat screen DP 46840 removed screws alot of wires want let me easier way??
121 2 . Reply
Ed Beale . 2017-05-15
I have a Samsung model number LN40B550 that flickers ,then goes black, come back up for a few seconds, and then does it again. I have turned the backlight all the way down as well. it worked fine for about 4 hours yesterday, but I could tell that it wanted to flicker while I had it on. don't know if there's an easy fix for it, or do I need to replace the board?
121 2 . Reply
Frank Scala . 2017-02-28
How to reassemble the Samsung UN60EH6003F LCD TV rear cover. After I repaired the t-con board, the tv stand wiggles. What did I do wrong?
121 2 . Reply
krista hankins . 2017-01-21
My Samsung lcd tv 32d403 has sound no picture. The picture left after dimming then a loud pop. I think it's the inverter but can't find a specific video how change it out
121 2 . Reply
tanz robertson . 2016-09-13
I have a Samsung UN32F5500AF and it suddenly went black.  None of the channels show a pic but I can hear the sound.  Any suggestions?
121 2 . Reply
Kf7wjl . 2016-05-16
I have. Model UN40H6203AFXZA that has dark screen. Ican see images when within inches of screen. I am wondering how to determine if it is the board or the back lights. I see no apparent signs of overheating on board or capacitors. This happened suddenly in the middle of whatching a movie. Thanks for any help.
121 2 . Reply
Landgasthof Blaue Traube . 2016-04-01
I have a Samsung LE40B750U1W. I removed the Board including the black Strip before I saw this video. Sh..!!! Is there any Chance to put the black Strip back or is it complete damaged now? Thanks for your Help.
121 2 . Reply
Cdabek . 2016-03-12
i pulled the black strip off with the board....damn that was a trip to get back on, had to disassemble the entire thing! dont make the same mistake i did, watch the video before doing anything.
121 2 . Reply
Oscar Esparza . 2015-12-22
My samsung UH60H350 was working fine and the next day there was no picture with sound. I could barely see the picture in the dark if I put a flashlight up close. I'm not sure if I need a lips board. If so where could I get one. I've only had this tv for 3 months and I'm not looking to get a new one please help.
121 2 . Reply
Mark Beard . 2015-12-13
121 2 . Reply
Chihab Ahmed . 2015-12-01
My toshiba toshiba p50-c-12z NEW, when i boot it up the screen display is very dimmed,and also when i put it to sleep. and sometimes while i am using it, it just goes dim, i connected it to my TV and never game any problem.
Is this problem with LCD or the inverter.to be clear when i use the flash of my phone i can see the picture on the screen but other than that i cant see anything.

121 2 . Reply
Sebastian Varghese . 2015-11-02
hey jimmy ,
i have samsung 32" led
model: UA32D40038XXT
it has got the backlight problem u showed in the video.
please guide me to next what?
121 2 . Reply
Roger Knutsson . 2015-11-01
Hi Jimmy, I have a Samsung 40B650 (BN44-00264A board). The TV starts fine but after a while it suddenly just turns off and is completely dead. No indication of power at all. There is no visible damage on the power board. Do you think replacing the power board would help? Thanks
121 2 . Reply
Jason Douglas . 2015-09-19
I wish I had found this video sooner. I have a Samsung LN40B530P7F TV. A couple months ago it powered off and when I tried to turn it back on the TV would come on 3 times then turn off. I took the back off of it to look at the power board. I saw one of the inverters had a black spot on it so I bought a new one. I have to new one on the board now but here is my problem. When I took the power board off I took the black part off with it so now I have to figure out how to connect the backlight wires back to the black part.
121 2 . Reply
joseph fontaine . 2015-06-22
i have a samung led tv no pic but sound works can see images when i put a flashlight on the screen.
121 2 . Reply
June Tham . 2015-06-19
Hi jimmy , My Samsung lcd TV 32" ua32d4003b gt backlight problem . Sometimes dark sometime normal . Hope tat can repair it .tq
121 2 . Reply
June Tham . 2015-06-19
121 2 . Reply
Richard Gates . 2015-05-03
Hi I have a Emerson 50' led tv that the back light flashes and the power light blinks 5 times and won't power on? I replaced the power supply and still the same. Help?!? Thanks
121 2 . Reply
MrPons34 . 2015-05-02
how a fixed the problem of the light panel? don't turn on, It has sound
121 2 . Reply
Susan Parent . 2015-05-01
LG 55LN5600
121 2 . Reply
Susan Parent . 2015-04-30
LG 55LN56 UI 55 inch.
121 2 . Reply
Susan Parent . 2015-04-30
Jimmy, I have a LG 55LN5600 UI lcd tv that just blinks instead of turning on. We had an electric storm the night before. I took the back off and the capacitors look good. What do you think?
121 2 . Reply
Everfalling1 . 2015-04-29
Hey I have a question about my Vizio 500i-B1. My sound is fine, but I have no picture. The screen is grey not black and when I hit input on the remote, the area of the screen that would normally pop up with the inputs lights up a bit but shows nothing. I have done the "dark room/flashlight" test and cannot see a picture. Does this sound like a t-conn board? Or more like the LEDpanel? The entire screen is the same on the right and left side just grey like it is backlit but no picture.
121 2 . Reply
imtiaz hafiz . 2015-04-23
Model UN50EH5300FXZP
Version MH02
Type UN50EH5300
100-240v 50/60hz 119watt

The screen jumping and sometime fade
121 2 . Reply
Ed Cobbs . 2015-04-22
What's the model #?
121 2 . Reply