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Captain Marvel (2019) gets a scene by scene breakdown & analysis! All the Avengers Easter Eggs you missed! Go to https://expressvpn.com/newrockstars to take back your Internet privacy TODAY and find out how you can get 3 months free. Less than $7 a month, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Captain Marvel is packed with missable details that connect the film to the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Captain America movies. What Marvel Easter Eggs did you miss in Captain Marvel? Erik Voss breaks down Captain Marvel scene by scene for all the visual clues that tie Carol Danvers, Nick Fury, and the Kree to the events of Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. What secret cameos did the directors hide in the movie? How did Captain Marvel change the Marvel timeline and the history of the Tesseract? How did the movie revolutionize our understanding of the war between the Kree and the Skrull... and what Marvel hero could be a Skrull in disguise?

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    Popular Comments:

American Citizen . 2019-03-25
Captain Marvel was a snooze fest. Too much time on the back story and not enough action. I am hoping avengers endgame makes up for it.
121 2 . Reply
EddieCee484 . 2019-03-25
Did Starlord smash Captain Marvel?? 😂
121 2 . Reply
Nexxy Van Note . 2019-03-25
What about the post credit scene
121 2 . Reply
Nicholas Arnett . 2019-03-25
"The Sexjet." Oh, I'm dyin!!! (Knowing Disney, we'll skip right over that and go straight to the Septijet... )
121 2 . Reply
ofernando84 . 2019-03-25
Maybe Hawkeye and his whole family are Skrulls
121 2 . Reply
ruven sama . 2019-03-25
so not seeing his eye means they cant copy him? you cant see moles scars birthmarks and the size of junk under clothes.
121 2 . Reply
rodrigo lucas . 2019-03-25
So am i the only one who noticed the SpiderWoman refrence???
121 2 . Reply
Gabe6653 . 2019-03-25
I'm still curios about the Tesseract timeline and how Ronan became an extremist.
121 2 . Reply
team lol! . 2019-03-25
I wish the cat would be in the endgame
121 2 . Reply
Prashant Kerung . 2019-03-25
Captain marvel vs Kree.
121 2 . Reply
Russell Brown . 2019-03-25
Vine “meme” btw
121 2 . Reply
TH3BO5S GAM3R . 2019-03-25
Rip Stan the one who built our dreams
121 2 . Reply
Ryan Weylie . 2019-03-25
121 2 . Reply
Steam Punk . 2019-03-25
Give me more of Goose
121 2 . Reply
G Money . 2019-03-25
It looks like the avenjet
121 2 . Reply
Eamonn Rynne . 2019-03-25
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I hope they remember you
121 2 . Reply
Josh Loder . 2019-03-24
Why didn’t fury react that much when his eye got blinded?
121 2 . Reply
platform12b . 2019-03-24
If you want to see a review of this film, head over to our channel! :)
121 2 . Reply
White Knight . 2019-03-24
Haham when a superhero becomes more powerful by dissin on the nonbinary stupidity
121 2 . Reply
Raymond Craft . 2019-03-24
Carol go back in time and tryst to rescue the "Castaways" from Gilligan's Island! Lol!!
121 2 . Reply
bwuno woosh123 . 2019-03-24
Guys just gonna ask...is it just me or did this not feel like a marvel film till the 3rd act?
121 2 . Reply
Steven Hensley . 2019-03-24
Skrulling through these kreezy comments. Marvelous.
121 2 . Reply
Sportysport . 2019-03-24
This movie was just ok. I liked the little extas but that about it.
121 2 . Reply
No_L’s_Taken V2 . 2019-03-24
26:25 we all thought of hawkeye when he said that but that actually left mw rolling 😂
121 2 . Reply
Todd M. . 2019-03-24
Is it possible that Carol’s photon blasting the jukebox was a bizarro ode to Fonzie (the lunchbox subject) hitting the jukebox to start it? 🤔
121 2 . Reply
Kim Hidru . 2019-03-24
OMG Thank you for the subtitles in English bc I speak Spanish and i can translate OMGGGG it's cool, I LOVE THAT, i don't know a lot o english so thanks <3 I really enjoyed all the video :)
121 2 . Reply
jimbobjrshabado . 2019-03-24
How the hell do all the advanced alien species travel around the galaxy without a light speed engine, like doesn't it already exist?!?! I feel like i am taking crazy pills here
121 2 . Reply
keshav sewram . 2019-03-24
how about a solo Starlord movie... they can call it Starlord a Marvel Movie.... You know like how Star Wars names it prequels.... that will be cool.
121 2 . Reply
Max Covfefe . 2019-03-24
I want more of the cat-thing. So far, the cat is the BEST thing in all the Marvel movies besides Groot and Rocket. Groot, Rocket, Goose, and Hulk should get an animated series together.
121 2 . Reply
Niran john-baptiste . 2019-03-24
I thought your name was erik boss
121 2 . Reply
Jacob Simon . 2019-03-24
Apparently Yon-Rogg has am Email unread
121 2 . Reply
Charlie Muckleberry . 2019-03-24
You missed a foo fighters poster in the background when Captain Marvel was in the phone booth talking to Yon Rogg
121 2 . Reply
Sam Brooks . 2019-03-24
Let’s make a rogue appearance later
121 2 . Reply
That kid 1 . 2019-03-24
Were is the come as you are reference
121 2 . Reply
Charlie Sanchez . 2019-03-24
121 2 . Reply
THE S.M. . 2019-03-24
Who else waited through 20 minutes of credits to se the cat cough up the tesseract
121 2 . Reply
invaders must die . 2019-03-24
Monica Rambeau was actually the first female Captain Marvel and took up the mantle right after Mar-Vell died.
121 2 . Reply
Sir Magikarp . 2019-03-24
Goose the cat just 2 hours of goose and talos
121 2 . Reply
Ong Lu Lu . 2019-03-24
Nxt Spin off: Goose in boots
121 2 . Reply
Sidney Robinson . 2019-03-24
Can't wait for Captain Marvel sequel against Ronin.
let it be hawkeye so they can kill him and be done with his useless arse.
As much as i enjoyed Captain Marvel, would like to see down the road them introduce a good Rogue.
121 2 . Reply
Darrin Noble . 2019-03-24
I got this from those letters, "De Age Box Cree" with "CHHDG" leftover.
121 2 . Reply
ethan allison . 2019-03-24
Plothole: If fury proves his identity to someone he thinks is a person but is a scrull then the scrull could create a copy of fury’s eye
121 2 . Reply
AkaroGaming . 2019-03-24
I really enjoyed watching Star Wars

I mean Captain Marvel
121 2 . Reply
Keith Dover . 2019-03-24
Just so you know Marvel released Captain Marvel before DC
121 2 . Reply
september1717 . 2019-03-24
I don't trust the cat on my chest anymore.
121 2 . Reply
Roxas heart . 2019-03-24
This movie is so much fun in 4D
121 2 . Reply
Adi S. Aurelio . 2019-03-24
Fun fact, when they played the stan lee tribute, I wasn’t emotionally ready and I cried
121 2 . Reply
king doggo . 2019-03-24
i think the skrull would be bucky but from after cival war
121 2 . Reply
Callum Westmoreland- Caunter . 2019-03-24
I loved it from beginning to end
121 2 . Reply
Spookychris01 . 2019-03-23
No more guardians..please...that second one was a load of pants.
121 2 . Reply
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