RageHook F4 Solution - LSPDFR GTA 5 PC Tutorial

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A lot of you lately are having issues with getting RageHook console (the menu at the top of the screen) when you press F4. For some it doesn't work at all. Lets try to fix that today.




LSPDFR is a GTA 5 PC Mod centered around the player being the Police, rather then the criminal. Its just the start of things to come, as we can't all forget how deep LCPDFR for GTA 4 on PC was as a police mod. This first release, and the RageHook are both proving to be something thats powerful, and enjoyable. I cannot wait to not only bring you more patrols, but more content for LSDPFR Police Mod. Later guys.

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Mods I'm running for LSPDFR 0.2b

Police Radio :

CalloutsV by the legend LukeD:

MoreCallouts by Athsro :

Code 3 callouts by Stealth :

The Trainer I Use :
(Requires ScriptHookV - Alexander Blade)

More Control V :

Siren :

CopHolster :

Search Vehicle :

Car Lighting :

Handling / Deformation :

Weapons Sounds :

Intro :
ES_Forever Blue - Martin Carlberg

Other songs : Spotifiy it. :X
Running on a AMD FX8350, R9 290 XFX.

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Gjocaii . 2018-03-18
20,000th view :O
121 2 . Reply
Matty Davidson . 2018-02-18
121 2 . Reply
zombiesrule1 . 2017-10-10
Well, I've caught on to something. I have native trainer installed as part of the RageHook pack. F4 is a set key for the native trainer, and so is ragehook. The native trainer launches in game, but ragehook never launches.
121 2 . Reply
Lukeey4007 . 2017-09-03
Ok so I installed lspdfr correctly and it's working but when I go in the police station some of the doors just won't open
121 2 . Reply
Austin Pope . 2017-06-20
This worked, but now my F4 freezes, can you pls help?
121 2 . Reply
JuniorsAdventures . 2017-06-13
Do I have to have F4
121 2 . Reply
Staviation . 2017-06-11
121 2 . Reply
GrandGamerZ . 2017-05-11
hey man great vid but i have a problem with the console. It seems like it is properly installed but when i click f4 game pauses but there is no console appearing so f4 just pauses the game. If you have any solution for that PLEASE share it
121 2 . Reply
Rene Padilla . 2017-02-18
didnt work for me :( New gta v original game, no mods, laptop with num pad, any help?
121 2 . Reply
Mitchell . 2016-09-21
My game immediately crashes when i start it up, please help???
121 2 . Reply
Mall PlayedIt . 2016-09-08
thank u! don't know if its going to work, but you still taught me something new!
121 2 . Reply
Dyaln Chouinard . 2016-07-14
is there a way to disable the trainer part of rage hook so i can use a different one
121 2 . Reply
Trevv . 2016-06-24
Before I even start GTA with Ragehook Ragehook stops working.. HELP PLEASE
121 2 . Reply
Ryan . 2016-06-20
Not working
121 2 . Reply
Gamers HD . 2016-05-29
When I install the mod I'm all set I just have to go to rage but mine doesn't even show up when I download the mod
121 2 . Reply
Heysiri . 2016-05-27
Mine is saying that ragehook.dll is out of date!! What is this??
121 2 . Reply
kickermen12 . 2016-05-08
it is spawning my in the game without the police badge icons or anything showing up pls help my
121 2 . Reply
Jacob Budke . 2016-03-06
GTA opens with rage hook and it says rage hook is working f4 does nothing and lspdfr does not work. any help?
121 2 . Reply
Lonely Donut . 2016-03-02
FCK REALLY nothing NOTHING works i tryed everything to make this mod work on my FCKING PC IM SEARCHING SINCE MONTH TO MAKE THIS WORK....NOTHING
121 2 . Reply
Tactical Pepe . 2016-01-10
I'm still having problems, what can I do? I followed all the steps and it's still not working
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Webb . 2015-12-17
So I am new to LSPDFR and I just downloaded everything myself. And I can't get LSPDFR working in the game. I press F4 but nothing happens. Was wondering if I could get some help. Thanks
121 2 . Reply
Christian . 2015-11-14
Hello, I installed arrest manager, but the game said me that I need RAGENativeUI.dll, so I put it inside plugins folder in main directory and i started the game, but when i entered on duty it said me that i need the plugin i have installed before, I tried to load manually but the console said : Couldn't load the plugin located in.... Have you ever had this problem and do you know how can I resolve it? Thanks.

Sorry for my english ;-)
121 2 . Reply
Reckyj Twitch . 2015-11-02
the thing is. oh 2 months old vid.. ahh the hell with it, first, like your vids.

here is my problem.

1. everything seems to be working, but.. lspdfr is chrashing after 5 - 10 min of playing. i Can reload it, but i have to start over by going to nearest pd. and after 5 - 10min, it craches again.

and, here is a dumb question.. how do i get a error notice? you know, the long strech of info on why it crashed.

121 2 . Reply
Bachoo . 2015-09-11
thx for the help dude
121 2 . Reply
hey,what are you using for recording?
121 2 . Reply
Mr. Ramirez . 2015-09-06
121 2 . Reply
Victor Moniz . 2015-09-05
I really dont like ragehook. In GTA 4 it was way more simpler and now we have an alpha thats fucking up its launches with 2 problems about the console and having to configure and load all of your plugins. Alpha Ragehook for an LSPDFR that works fine.
121 2 . Reply
KrumyyHD . 2015-08-28
Thanks bro really helped out but I push space bar F9 and cant seem to get on duty any idea why?
121 2 . Reply
Rudi . 2015-08-27
Walter slaughter has one hundred percent right. And it bring me forward, to do it by myself. Thumbs up.
121 2 . Reply
Lember LP . 2015-08-27
Thank u so much :)
121 2 . Reply
Boterzuur . 2015-08-25
i have this problem where i have gta 5 update 372, and its not supported so ragehook doesn't work as intented, but how can i update this? maybe you know i couldnt find it anywhere
121 2 . Reply
S M . 2015-08-25
rageplugin is working, but lspdfr is crashing as soon as I'm loading it. plus can not load police radio
121 2 . Reply
Pascal Meta . 2015-08-23
Hi, i have got 1 Problem i use the Rockstar Version without Steam. And i dont get a .log file. I dont know what the Problem is. (i even cant Press F4). My GTA Version is 393.4 Online 1.28. THX for Help i hope u read this fast..
121 2 . Reply
PM Morro . 2015-08-23
Thank you So much for the help videos
121 2 . Reply
Chris H . 2015-08-23
Hey fin sorry to keep asking questions but when I try to "LoadPlugin PoliceRadio.dll" It says 'WarnOnPluginLoad' Is false, will allow plugin to load.
<UNLOADED PLUGIN>: Initializing input system
<UNLOADED PLUGIN>: Initializing game console
<UNLOADED PLUGIN>: Initializing forms manager
ERROR: Could not load plugin from "c:\Program files(x86)\steam\steam apps\common\grand theft auto v\plugins\policeradio.dll" Can you please help +FinKone Finney  but I do have the ragepluginhook f4 prob fixed now it just seems like one thing after another
121 2 . Reply
Chris H . 2015-08-23
Thank you fin!! Keep up the good work :D
121 2 . Reply
Mikofiticus . 2015-08-23
I've tried this, reinstalled V, got the latest RageHook and ScriptHook, latest LSPDFR, newest trainerV, and nothing works. Can't get RageHook to open. I never had any issues until I reinstalled V yesterday. Now I can't play the game with mods at all.
121 2 . Reply
Lazer Show . 2015-08-22
How much does it cost to get a good computer for LCPDFR or lspdfr and what's a good computer for it?
121 2 . Reply
John Richards . 2015-08-22
Thanks Finkone
121 2 . Reply
Astro - . 2015-08-22
Does anyone know how to get RageHook to work for the retail version I followed this http://openiv.com/?p=1132 and it doesn't work it'll run the RageHook then GTA 5 opens and starts to install a 50MB file.. then it stops working... I've had to re-download my gta 5 for some reason and I made 2 folder copys for gta 5 and it screwed it up somehow. I really want to mod this.. and I've been hearing GTA 5 on steam is much easier to mod then the retail version.. I really wish I got it for steam instead of retail.. :/
121 2 . Reply
Derek Hunt . 2015-08-22
Thank you for taking the time to explain the finer details of behind the scenes of the game. I only wish I could have had these type tutorials when I first started playing. Everyone really needs to take the time to watch these and actually read the documentation provided with the downloads. Thanks again!!!
121 2 . Reply
Hector . 2015-08-22
Thank yous sooooooo much FinKone, my RagePluginHook works now, thanks
121 2 . Reply
E D . 2015-08-22
So this worked, but I have a different problem. So initially I installed your police radio mod in the wrong place but didn't notice, During this time Rage Hook loaded normally, never crashed, and I could go on duty. When I realized I put your mod in the wrong place, (since I couldn't load your mod, i re-read the readme and put it in the right place) but NOW I get a crash. The crash occurs as story mode is loading. The crash does not close the game, it stays in game, but my attempts to load LSPDFR don't work anymore. What is the issue?
121 2 . Reply
TechnoHAUNT . 2015-08-21
Thank so much for taking time out to create this tutorial.  I was a little uneasy with the process, so this was perfect for me.  Cheers!!
121 2 . Reply
Andrew Ridgway . 2015-08-21
Hi FinKone,
I am unable to run LSPDFR with PoliceRadio. LSPDFR will crash every time I try to load it again through the console. Just making sure I installed PolieRadio correctly (I did read the intire ReadMe file) "All Items from Police radio ( Folder, .ini , .dll ) go into,
Grand Theft Auto V --> Plugins --> LSPDFR
Hopefully you can understand me, I tryed to make it as clear as possible.
Thanks, FinKone
121 2 . Reply
Emerson Edwards . 2015-08-21
Awesome video man,question I just bought a turtle beach z60 headset,can it be set to do voice commands in lspdfr?
121 2 . Reply
NitroRc TrophyTruck21 . 2015-08-21
just a quick question, will those files affect the performance of the game? I'm new to this and I want a PC just for this mod xD
thanks! I'll build a budget pc for about 500$ Thanks!
121 2 . Reply
Nicholas Peterson . 2015-08-21
Hey Finkone I was just curious what editing software do you use?
121 2 . Reply
Walter Slaughter . 2015-08-21
once again awesome video thanks for taking your time to help people out see ya on the next
121 2 . Reply
Bad Drivers Channel . 2015-08-21
Hey finkone first off I just wanna say i love love loooove ur vids and ur awesome at tutorials so that would be so so awesome if you could direct me somewhere on the Internet of a tutorial on how to i guess "use" open IV or like how to install certain types of mods in open IV or maybe make a video of it please. I completely understand if you can't help me I know your probably extremely busy thanks!!!
121 2 . Reply