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Johnny D . 2018-01-29
cool beans
121 2 . Reply
Kiran Kumar . 2017-01-01
Hii I have a small problem the antminer s3 link is not opening in the web browser the message i get is " The connection has been timed out " on my browser.
can you kindly help me solve this problem .
121 2 . Reply
Remi Castonguay . 2015-09-10
my S3 work with
121 2 . Reply
Wood Works . 2015-08-18
To the author of this video. Try and use I read somewhere that certain batches of these miners were set at this IP.
121 2 . Reply
Владимир Максимчук . 2014-12-08
not properly connected power
121 2 . Reply
kick asgaming . 2014-11-26
hi i need help with my antminer s3 it was working then i set the network to wifi and now i cant seen to find it on my network or it back to ethernet please help thanks
121 2 . Reply
Rafael Rioja . 2014-10-08
121 2 . Reply
Wood Works . 2014-09-22
After you it the reset on the ethernet board. The little black button. Disconnect  any router you might have on your internet connection. Connect the main cat 5 wire into the miner. Then type the original IP that came with the miner. Then go into the settings and put all your internet information in there. And then change the main IP to whatever you want. Make sure it does not match any other computer IP you have in your home. Then hit a save, Then hit reboot. Then you should be able to access your miner.
121 2 . Reply
Benjamin Kors . 2014-08-31
Do you have comcast internet? Do you know your internet providers ip. If not go to run on your computer. Then type cmd.
When you are there type ipconfig. This will show you what IPv4 address your service provider has assign you. 
Look at the IPv4 address. This is the one we want to change in your PC. 
Ok now go down and right click on your internet connection by the time in the bottom right.
Then click on change adapter settings. Then right click on ethernet connection and click properties.
Then scroll down and left click once on IPv4. Then click on properties under that.
A screen should pop up with your current IPv4 settings. We want to change this so you can hookup your antminer straight to your PC to change the settings. Ok now write down each IP setting that is currently present in the list which includes IP address,subnet mask, and default gateway. Do not loose this information it is important. Ok now replace with the follow.
Then click Ok
Alright now you can hookup your antminers straight to your computer and change it to the ip that was set before you change it on your pc. 
To you this type in your antminers ip into your browser.
then root and root for user and pass
ok now your miner should open in your browser.
click on the blue icon under IPv4 Status on the main page.
This brings you straight to your WAN settings
Go to protocol and select static address
Then use the first three number of your ip adress you wrote down earlier.
The last number you can make your own.
Netmask the same
Gateway is what showed in ipconfig.
Broadcast is how many different units you want. just change the last number
custom dns servers   i just type

make sure disable DHCP is selected
click save and apply. 

Now go set your pc settings back to original.
Hook miner up to internet. 
Type in the ipv4 settings you asigned 

there you go.
if you still cant get it reset miner and try again.

if you have any questions let me know.
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