In Conversation With... Brad Bird | TIFF 2018

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Academy Award®–winning writer-director Brad Bird has created some of the most beloved films of the past two decades, from The Iron Giant (1999) and Ratatouille (2007) to The Incredibles (2004). As he prepares for the release of the highly anticipated follow-up, Incredibles 2, Bird joins us for an in-depth conversation about his career and creative process. Following an early mentorship with Disney Animation’s legendary animator Milt Kahl, Bird was an executive consultant and director on The Simpsons. He went on to write and direct his first feature film, The Iron Giant, and became a key creative at Pixar Animation Studios. Most recently, Bird helmed the live-action feature films Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011) and Tomorrowland (2015).

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thezapperzombie . 2019-01-14
121 2 . Reply
Ti My . 2018-09-05
121 2 . Reply
Guilshad Joseph . 2018-08-17
Why in the fuck he went to live action incredibles 2 was beautiful keep doing animation please
121 2 . Reply
Tania 'Doodlezilla' Vincent . 2018-07-09
I may just listen to this on repeat while I animate. Fantastic interview.
121 2 . Reply
SpoonyLionheart . 2018-07-04
Film discussion on this caliber is why I have such a deep love for Niel Breen films and Samurai Cop. You can't truly laugh at a bad film till you know why a good film works.
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Chappe . 2018-06-20
This was great! :)
121 2 . Reply
TheDroidYou'reLooking For . 2018-06-19
Love that Rataouille naming story!
121 2 . Reply
gotaminutereviews . 2018-06-18
One of the most overlooked, underrated filmmakers of our time.

And Bao is brilliant. Highly recommend seeing Incredibles 2 on the big screen as it's the only chance you'll get to see Bao on that scale (plus Incredibles 2 is really good).
121 2 . Reply
What you were thinking . 2018-06-18
The interviewer needs to be a but more humourous
121 2 . Reply
Guilshad Joseph . 2018-06-16
This man is a damn genuis
121 2 . Reply
Henry Barbee . 2018-06-16
Awesome interview, great questions.
121 2 . Reply
Canadian Animation Blog . 2018-06-14
Great video! Thanks for taking the time to record it! You should talk to your lighting people about getting full spectrum sconce lights installed for the wide shots.
121 2 . Reply
Fernando Gil . 2018-06-13
Excellent interview. It would be cool if we could see the clips too.
121 2 . Reply
Robert Waldren . 2018-06-13
Excellent interview. Future animators, listen to this guy! Animation is all about constantly bringing everything you know in life to the craft to turn it into an art.
121 2 . Reply