shampoo bowl hack

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how to create an operating shampoo bowl that isn't permanent

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in home salon shampoo bowl installation

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    Popular Comments:

Sandra m Warren . 2018-09-18
Good idea , thank you for sharing
121 2 . Reply
Knowledge Son . 2018-08-19
The cosmetology board approved this ?
121 2 . Reply
Veronica Ruiz . 2018-08-01
Thank you so much!! It was really helpful 👏🏻👏🏻
121 2 . Reply
Vanessa Mcgee . 2018-06-18
That's smart shit;) I just need something temporarily until my mobile salon finished very awsome
121 2 . Reply
Casred09 . 2018-06-13
This video has really helped me.. Thanks
121 2 . Reply
Sandra Rodas . 2018-06-10
Thank you very much for sharing! Great idea!
121 2 . Reply
Nya Vaness . 2018-05-19
Very detailed & helpful! Thanks!
121 2 . Reply
Self-Sufficient Me . 2018-04-08
Wow, you and Bette Midler have to be cousins!

love your setup . . . thanks for sharing
121 2 . Reply
Melissa Maiullo . 2018-04-08
Hose was purchased from a local hardware store. They special ordered it for me
121 2 . Reply
suzyq1231 . 2018-04-05
I just Bought a system called WASH ME GO. I saw it at a hair show. Can wash hair anywhere. I love it. Check it out it maybe worth it..
121 2 . Reply
Selarah Joan . 2018-02-21
Excellent! Thank-you for uploading this!
121 2 . Reply
Ms.Nikki Red . 2018-02-05
Omg! This video was a blessing to me. Thanks so much for sharing.
121 2 . Reply
Stephanie Hall . 2017-12-03
Where did you grey the house from?
121 2 . Reply
Sarah Vasquez . 2017-11-11
wish there were more creative people like this. she's smart!
121 2 . Reply
Kristin Green . 2017-11-09
Wow that is genius thanks for posting!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Warr En . 2017-10-15
Wow....why not just put the basin OVER the kitchen sink
121 2 . Reply
samantha Addison . 2017-09-15
I have been looking and searching for that portable hose everywhere online! I cant find it! I wish that this lady would reply to comments. I am trying to set up a salon in my casita . I got a portable shampoo bowl and bought a shower head with a couple attachments to make it long enough but it doesnt have a shut off valve and its to bulky! Would be nice to know which one she got and where to get it
121 2 . Reply
George Moro . 2017-08-22
Great idea!!! But I'm waiting your forward shampoo over the bowl...please make another video washing your beatiful hair!!!
121 2 . Reply
TA Lindsay . 2017-07-16
I have the exact set up for my portable sink except the sump pump!! I didn't know how that worked. I would just watch the water level and lift and dump in the sink. You helped make it much easier for me with the sump pump idea. I am going to rig something up for my mobile salon now, using the same idea!!! Thanks so much for showing your knowledge/tips in this video.
121 2 . Reply
Kel Lee . 2017-07-05
Hi Melissa, Could you please tell us the name of the hose you used and Where you purchased it? Thank You love the video
121 2 . Reply
Amanda Adkins . 2017-07-02
Genius! Your idea just made my life a lot easier! Thanks for sharing!
121 2 . Reply
ROSLYN JONES . 2017-06-17
That hose in the bottom of the portable sink is pretty long. Why didn't you just tape /Velcro that to the sink and let it drain that way?
I like that big sink. Where did you purchase that from?
121 2 . Reply
Mrs. GY . 2017-06-11
I love your idea!! Very creative 👍🏽 where did you get your hose that's connected to the sink spout? I like how you can turn it on and off at your portable sink.
121 2 . Reply
Nando Armando . 2017-04-17
WOW! VERY innovative! When there's a will. there's a way. I cracked my head many times thinking how I was going to make it work from home with a small restroom. And I'm sure this will help a whole bunch. Thanx do much Miss M.
121 2 . Reply
plussizebarbie2012 . 2017-04-06
could you give us a pic of the suck pump
121 2 . Reply
timothy black . 2017-03-14
can you do a video of shampooing someones hair. i cant figure how to place the bowl so the water will go out.

in other words how do you properly work with this bowl i guess idk what iam doing wrong
121 2 . Reply