Bel Aire 7.5hp 80 gal. 2 stage air compressor review

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Bel Aire 7.5hp 80 gal. 2 stage air compressor review

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bel aire compressor 80 gal. US general air

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Joseph Carr . 2018-10-25
This is a solidly build portable compressor capable of driving a nail gun or other tools>>>ur2.pl/1018 at 2.6 cfm it won’t run a paint sprayer but it will drive pretty much anything else including my nail gun. Best of all, the price is right! I’ve used it for about a week now building an 8’x16’ shed...framing, sheathing, roof, and siding. It’s worked flawlessly. Note: when I bought it 2 weeks ago, the price was $89...it has gone up about $30 in 2 weeks...I don’t know if this is because of the steel tariffs or what
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Abdellah Adim . 2018-04-29
Is it too loud I know the camera was so close so can’t tell trying to get one but don’t want to bother the neighbors a lot
121 2 . Reply
Gordon Burke . 2017-02-02
Have a Bel Aire model #318VL, 7-1/2 hp, 2 stage compressor. Is there a trick to pulling the flywheel off without breaking it. I know the flywheel bold is left hand thread, but it appears to be pressed onto the crankshaft very tightly. I do not want to break it!
121 2 . Reply
Brad Kvanbek . 2015-10-27
I noticed you did not use a flexable hose to connect it to your plumbing. I have you need a hose so the vibration does not damage the plumbing.
121 2 . Reply
David Mann . 2014-08-21
What rpm is the electric motor . I noticed the 5 and the 7.5 use the same pump . The 5 hp is a 1784 rpm . I am curious if the 7.5 uses a 3450 motor , increasing the out put . Also what is amp draw on the motor and what size breaker do you have it wired at . Thank you .
121 2 . Reply
Jon Kosmoski . 2014-03-11
Good review. I've got one just like it.  Do you happen to know how to change the oil on it?  And what kind and how much to use ?  Thanks!
121 2 . Reply
1011theguy . 2013-10-26
thanks i been fine so far good vid thanks for the info
121 2 . Reply
Alvarez Metal Works . 2013-10-25
Depends on your gun. Some guns use more air than others. I can run my LVLP gun off a 4.6 gal 2 horse compressor (5.30 CFM @ 90 PSI & 7.00 CFM @ 40 PSI). So I think you'd be fine with yours as long as you aren't using a air hog for a gun. Guns are cheaper than compressors though. So if it wasn't enough I'd buy another gun.
121 2 . Reply
Chris Murphy . 2013-06-08
how do you compare 218v to 318v
121 2 . Reply
1011theguy . 2013-04-15
i just got a belaire 26 gal its 2 horse at 7.1 cfm @ 90 psi you think thats a good air compressor for auto body work
121 2 . Reply
Tumdéaux . 2013-02-10
man that must be loud. A Emax 7.5HP 80 Ga. compressor I saw at home depot ran a 1750 rpm on the motor and 600 rpm at the pump. 26 CFM @ 175 psi. All for $2500. How much was yours?
121 2 . Reply
Scsibut . 2013-02-10
yes it is 3600 rpm
121 2 . Reply
Tumdéaux . 2013-02-10
What is the RPM of the Baldor motor? 3600 rpm?
121 2 . Reply
Zhao Yun . 2013-02-05
Did you get the unit online? If so can you tell me the site plz
121 2 . Reply
Scsibut . 2013-01-02
Its running 7.8 HP its a Baldor industrial motor. its 25cfm at 175psi and 31cfm at 90 psi
121 2 . Reply
Zhao Yun . 2012-11-06
Great video thx for upload, u wernt joking when u said it was loud lol. I am looking at a 26gallon beleaire one, and I was wondering do you know some info on those?
121 2 . Reply
Scsibut . 2012-10-11
its continuous duty
121 2 . Reply
rayfrausto1 . 2012-08-31
What's the duty cycle on these Bel aires
121 2 . Reply
Scsibut . 2012-07-01
its a single phase unit. I honestly dont use it ever day...i just use it some home projects so the amount of power ive used wouldnt be accurate.
121 2 . Reply
The Insufferable Tool . 2012-06-13
Is this 3 phase or single phase? how has electricity consumption been? I am using this for a blow gun...I need the recovery so the compressor isn't on all the time, looks like it comes up to pressure fast!!! Very nice!!!
121 2 . Reply
Custom Pool Covers Inc . 2012-04-29
Just purchased the same unit, used for a few hundred dollars. Wired it up and it works real nice. Now it's time to plumb in the air line.
121 2 . Reply
Steve B . 2012-04-24
Thanks for the review!
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