Extended Interview: Michael Moore Talks With Stephen Colbert

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In this full unedited interview, the documentarian behind the new film "Fahrenheit 11/9" expresses hope for America's social and political ills, while offering a sober assessment of the damage being done by the current administration.

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    Popular Comments:

beyondfirstclass . 2019-01-17
I’ve seen his movie. Awesome but he didn’t articulate it very well here
121 2 . Reply
Elliot J . 2019-01-09
This guy speaks from the heart, that's bloody disgusting.
121 2 . Reply
kfja1111 . 2019-01-08
Michael Moore decries corporate America's support for Trump. Look up the donor lists. Hillary raised far more corporate money than Trump. Lloyd Blankfein supported Hillary. So did Ray Dalio. As did Warren Buffett, Jamie Dimon, George Soros and Eric Schmidt. Did I mention Bill Gates? Look at the list. Do you think Michael Moore is unaware of the donor lists? C'mon people....wakey, wakey. The Occupy movement is on the same side as the 1%. But nobody knows why. LOL!
121 2 . Reply
Tina Patton . 2019-01-05
Fearless Frontline Fact-Finder Field Marshal Fat Man Moore - STILL - telling pro social TRUTHS in anti social £AND$ of £IE$!!
121 2 . Reply
chanel-z . 2019-01-04
I love you Michael Moore!!!!
121 2 . Reply
0000 H . 2019-01-04
Americans should listen to this man
They lucky to have a brave voice...in fact his obvious hunger for fairness n what is right for America makes him a pretty good candidate for president. I think it would save a lot if heartbreak coming down the line. ....n I'm not political but I have eyes n ears n I see. He is right about ppl standing up for their country. Trump I would not trust. And if it were for only one reason..its because he us an ego maniac. In history..as mentioned above..these big egos do not good leaders make. Americans...take back control of your country.Youve suffered enough already........(.9/11)
121 2 . Reply
ThunderTruck . 2019-01-02
watched Fahrenheit 911 so I wasn't sure about Fahrenheit 11/9 but I was very impressed very well written documentary
121 2 . Reply
Nobody Special . 2019-01-02
121 2 . Reply
Victor Akandu . 2019-01-01
Are Americans really wise? They should bring Michael Moore to run for President or declare the Trump years as illegal and stolen presidency which should be returned to the actual winner... Hillary Clinton
121 2 . Reply
Hazel Walsh . 2018-12-31
He tried to Warn you!!! Listen!!
121 2 . Reply
deer hunter . 2018-12-04
the left has resorted to fear mongering ... they are really desperate .... so now they want you to identify with people which children are taken away ... are you for real desperado ...
this guy is a dangerous instigator ...
121 2 . Reply
Giaccommander . 2018-11-10
I just saw a Nazi-Documentary where a soldier was in charge of splitting mothers from their children to bring them into a gas-chamber... Man i couldn´t stop crying the whole night... there is no reason to separate motherandchild today ?!
121 2 . Reply
Pistolero . 2018-11-07
121 2 . Reply
Jeffrey Morton . 2018-11-06
The bigger issue is that of fraudulent vote counts manipulated by software hidden in the tabulation cards produced by Diebold and other companies selling electronic voting systems all across the nation. I can handle a voter-mandate either way if there's a level playing field, but the fact is that our votes do not matter, one way or another. Watch this video for details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZLWPleeCHE
121 2 . Reply
PG . 2018-11-06
Mid term Election Day, Trump and Sessions declare voter fraud in a proactive move to discredit any blue wave. Trump and his ilk do not want to leave power.
121 2 . Reply
Jess izthebess . 2018-11-05
Colbert is alt Left
121 2 . Reply
Dennis Lafferty . 2018-11-04
Michael Moore tells it like it is, as usual
121 2 . Reply
Nick Wash . 2018-11-03
121 2 . Reply
tomb613 . 2018-11-02
Michael Moore is one of the people I most respect in the United States. He has never misused his power and I dont believe he could ever be bought. He is a man of integrity amd someone we all should aspire to be more like.
121 2 . Reply
joakim stark . 2018-11-01
Neil deGrasse Tyson for President!
121 2 . Reply
john clhugyugihjbvgbkj . 2018-10-28
Look up the word, “gerrymander, the first definition scary and not just because of the description of shape, like a hat Halloween monster. Also, the word, “trump,” is a synonym, so there you go…
121 2 . Reply
YouSimo . 2018-10-25
121 2 . Reply
Cruzer . 2018-10-18
The Movie BOMBED


Especially the host who has personally destroyed late night comedy hour.
His ratings are PATHETIC..
121 2 . Reply
drdrght . 2018-10-17
The American left has been radicalised. Sad to see.
121 2 . Reply
PvE 2 PvP . 2018-10-16
Lol get rid of the electoral collage.. this country is a republic thank our heavenly father it is not Mob rule .

Btw I never herd of this movie did it bomb?
121 2 . Reply
Pablo Honey . 2018-10-15
Micheal Moore is trying to get us to fork over dough to watch his movie, by calling Trump every name in the book.
121 2 . Reply
Cosmic Queen . 2018-10-13
these 2 idiots are the product of how great capitalism and America are and yet rebel against it? stupid or spoiled? maybe a bit of both but if they lived in a place like venezuala they would be loving capitalism and America
121 2 . Reply
paul8kangas . 2018-10-12
False hope. Parents are allowing their children to be vaccinated, in the hope that it will prevent cancer.

A new MRI study from UC Davis, the MIND institute, the top autism research University in the US, proves that if your child has excess fluid on the brain, at age 6 months,

you have a 99% chance of having an autistic child. The excess fluid seems to be caused by vaccinations. The only babies with the excess fluid are babies who have been vaccinated.

There are now 74,000,000 autistic children in the US, 80% boys. There are now 140,000,000 parents caring for these autistic boys, out of their own pockets.

Parents get no help from doctors. The only way to stop this slaughter of boy babies is to stop 50% of the vaccinations,

so we can compare unvaccinated babies with vaccinated.
Once your boy has autism, there is no known cure.

Vaccinations are causing autism. Millions of children are being having their brains destroyed by mandatory vaccinations. There is no known cure for autism.

I have hope that parents will rise , up and refuse to allow the government to forcibly vaccinated anyone before age 18.

Paul Kangas is a candidate for the SF School Board. Save the children.
Youtube: paul8kangas

We must stop this medical fascism making huge profits for Big Pharma and creating
a whole generation of boys & girls incapable of reading & writing,
of holding a job,
incapable of thinking,
& having a normal life
See the brand new study out of UC Davis MIND institute.
Youtube: My Incredible Opinion.
121 2 . Reply
T Dunph . 2018-10-12
Moore, please just leave. No one cares,. Go back to Detroit.  You had you're 15 minutes, shit, you had you're 15 years! That's enough.  The tides have turned.
121 2 . Reply
Bufus Blane . 2018-10-11
Oh great. Like anyone with any brains is gonna click and listen to this video of just two more depressed, angry, crazed, sick in the mind double standard soreloserman  hypocrites. LOL. I love how their whole lives seems to be consumed with complete hatred of President Trump. Must suck to be them and all Liberals. Ha Ha. I love it.
121 2 . Reply
OnwardSoldier . 2018-10-11
Thank God for Trump
121 2 . Reply
Don Page . 2018-10-10
This BOZO shows up to a private home UNINVITED , dressed like a bum to a black tie event , and expects
to be welcome ? The same mentality which welcomes illegal aliens as if they deserve automatic admittance.
121 2 . Reply
Sean Mastro . 2018-10-10
Michael Moore is as smart as Bobby Fischer, if not, smarter!!
121 2 . Reply
Maryyeung12894 . 2018-10-10
love him
121 2 . Reply
porkchop gang . 2018-10-09
How many thumbs down can I do?
121 2 . Reply
Retired Early 53 . 2018-10-09
Trust the BILLIONAIRE'S they are our friends !!!!!! Don't trust average people like you or me !!!! We are all losers !!!! The wealthy are smarter , and they should always rule this country , PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Bernie Lomax . 2018-10-09
Moore is a very ill man
121 2 . Reply
a.r. hays . 2018-10-08
Neither one of those sorry bastards should have the right to live in this country.
121 2 . Reply
Lee Browning . 2018-10-07
Trump plans to be president for a long time. Wake up everyone. He is building the foundation now by dismantling our democracy.
This is why he has Trump rallies.
121 2 . Reply
JOHN RAU . 2018-10-05
2 idiot's on the same time same channel
121 2 . Reply
Steve McCall . 2018-10-05
Dems would rule forever if Micheal Moorecake didnt eat 3/4s of their constituency. #fatshit
121 2 . Reply
Timelord2001 . 2018-10-05
You heard him. Get rid of the damned electoral college! The will of the people does not need any further so-called "check and balance" beyond the fact that we already have representation in government, instead of just doing every last thing by popular vote. That representative indirectness in good enough. No electoral college. No superdelegates. And no dark unlimited money; we really need to get the money out of our politics, which we can do by having publicly funded elections that disallow extra cash, direct or indirect, regardless of the source. If we can do those things, as well as getting rid of those rigged voting machines and the gerrymandering of districts, and the wholesale disenfranchisement of voters (right before the election) who are members of demographic groups that tend to vote Democratic, we will perhaps finally be able to climb out of the whole this country has dug itself into, and get to a place where the real majority make us Liberally great.
121 2 . Reply
Sebastian Vella . 2018-10-04
121 2 . Reply
Southern Mom . 2018-10-04
LOL!! The SLUGS movie just FLOPPED! What you need to do is watch Diamond and Silks movie!
121 2 . Reply
Nate Mullikin . 2018-10-03
I am unsure we are going to get out of this without going through disastrous correction.
121 2 . Reply
Gregory Smith . 2018-10-03
Much like any other great political piece. This film should be free. Michael moore is worth 40 million he could put it online for free.
121 2 . Reply
Michael Maree . 2018-10-01
I love Stephen's Lord of the Rings references!
121 2 . Reply
thorin hetfield . 2018-09-30
How did the movie do at the box office ? 👎
121 2 . Reply
Ariana Negron . 2018-09-30
121 2 . Reply
Cosmic Queen . 2018-09-30
FACT under Obama we had a dying economy, record unemployment and record welfare recipiants, he put us $20 trillion in debt with NOTHING to show for it. he said "you would need a magic wand to bring jobs to America" well under Trump we have record people working, record stock market highs and he is going after countries that rip us off. north korea hasd calmed down and respect him when under Obama all they did was bitch slap him for money which like a coward he always gave them!! WHY do people hate Trump and praise that coward turd Obama?
121 2 . Reply