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The Case for Acoustic Treatment

Since I record videos in my shop, the quality of the audio is very important to me. Most garages and shops features lots of hard surfaces and that means voices and tool noise tends to bounce around the space creating lots of echo and reverberations. To combat that, I'm installing ATS Acoustic Panels (2' x 4') on the ceiling. These panels are actually pretty easy to make as they consist of a acoustic panel core, a solid frame, a plywood back, all with a layer of acoustically-transparent fabric on top. But it's been a few months since I built a piece of furniture and time is money, so I decided to buy my panels instead of building them myself.

ATS Accoustic Panels: http://amzn.to/2l1Th7E
EZ Ancors: http://amzn.to/2kmPB14

For more details, head to our website: http://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/videos/acoustic-panel-installation/

Check out our main Woodworking channel for projects and techniques: http://youtube.com/thewoodwhisperer
Check out our website: http://thewoodwhisperer.com
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Jer Gervasi . 2019-03-29
I have spent a lot of years treating acoustic spaces, and this video is spot-on. Not just the facts you GIVE, but the ones you don't try to answer. Too many people pretend to be sound experts, and - like any trade - sometimes it requires a professional. Special thanks to you for clarifying the difference between soundproofing (isolation) and acoustic treatment. Acoustic treatment will reduce the reflections, and thus, the overall energy in the room sonically, which can help your neighbors a little, but real "soundproofing" is like waterproofing. A WAY larger task! Great video.
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George The Tech . 2019-03-13
I'm a huge supporter of the panels from ATS Acoustics. I hope you added a screw at one end of the panel to prevent it from sliding out of the Z-clip. I prefer using a finish nailer to mount these panels on drywall,. You can fire the screws directly through the face and the loose knit burlap, through the backer into the drywall. The nail heads disappear and don't leave a mark in the fabric, and It goes WAAAAAY faster than using all of the Z-clips.
Also, ATS Acoustics makes "open-backed" panels which can be suspended down from the ceiling. You'll get more effective absorption, better "bang for the buck", since they also provide attenuation of sound when it reflects from the ceiling above. Nice work, wonderful the effort you've made to make your YouTube channel better!
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Isaac Pizarro . 2018-11-12
This is great. Not heavy , no hassle.
121 2 . Reply
Hess Von Lik . 2018-09-30
Thanks man... appreciate explaining the difference between acoustic vs sound proofing... nice video
121 2 . Reply
Designer- Garb . 2018-06-21
I am new to woodworking and just building my first workshop and I am finding your videos so helpful, Many thanks for all the videos you upload, being in the UK not everything is relevant but still love your channel, Audio sounds great btw.
121 2 . Reply
Michelle Marinich Rogers . 2018-03-31
Thank you SOOOO MUCH for this video! I am about to order acoustic panels and was sitting here wondering how I'm going to install them on the ceiling. You answered all my questions, awesome!!!
121 2 . Reply
Francisco Reyes . 2017-11-23
Hi, shouldnt Acoustic (Absortion) Panels be separated as much as possible from the walls? I heard this guy saying they should be at least 4" from the walls.
121 2 . Reply
Chris Makowski . 2017-11-20
Awesome shirt. Flight of the Conchords is such a great show. Love your wood working channel too btw
121 2 . Reply
humpbackmedia . 2017-09-08
ATS is a great company - love and use their products in my studio. Thank you so much for the sound 'proofing' vs. room treatment, and room-within-a-room construction explanation. So many people think that putting up absorption/diffusion or 'egg-crate' foam will 'soundproof' a room. And some vendors are even guilty of advertising their products this way. Only thing that 'soundproofs' a room is mass and air gaps and more mass.
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Central Oregon Aussies . 2017-07-23
I'm looking to do this for our dog kennel we have in our house. I would like our neighbors not to hear our dogs bark if they are barking in our home/kennel room. What would you recommend? We are do it yourselfer's.
121 2 . Reply
Cynthia Xu . 2017-04-07
we are a factory specialized in polyester fiber acounstic panel, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if interested.
121 2 . Reply
I AM . 2017-02-17
Thanks for the links too!
121 2 . Reply
AoToGo . 2017-02-09
The sound quality of the videos is really very clear, great job.
121 2 . Reply
TheeEccentricEd . 2017-02-09
I used my old recording studio as my shop. I haven't done any recording since the band separated, so turning into my shop has payed off. my tip is high end production moving blankets. my 16'x30' room is covered floor to ceiling. It does take some time to clean, but its mostly fine dust.
121 2 . Reply
chris070987 . 2017-02-08
It was amazing to hear the effectiveness halfway through the video. Good job Marc! Worth every penny in your case.
121 2 . Reply
meetn2veg . 2017-02-08
Picture hooks could have been used. Just 3 mounting points ... easy! Oh well, next time :-)
121 2 . Reply
Curt Johnson . 2017-02-06
Any advice on how to do the other kind of sound dampening? i.e. my garage butts up against the toddler's room, and I'd like to keep her from hearing me using the table saw after bedtime...
121 2 . Reply
Jay from Jumbie . 2017-02-05
Might want to consider getting some panels on the wall behind your camera if it doesn't effect your workflow.
121 2 . Reply
Axel Sixtysix . 2017-02-05
Hi there A gap between the wall (ceiling) and the pannel is for double side pannels only ;)
121 2 . Reply
dennhy . 2017-02-04
I did a lot of research into sound, both sound proofing and acoustic treatments. Since I go to bed much earlier than everyone else, I sound proofed the bedroom. I love the home theater experience so i applied ATS acoustic treatments in the TV room. They really make a difference! I was surprised that the panels Marc bought had a plywood backing. Those can only be applied flush with a surface. Hanging a plywood backed panel with an air gap won't do you much good. Here's the "science" behind that. Different sound frequencies travel along different wave lengths. When the sound hits the panel, instead of bouncing off (this is why the fabric is so important - the sound must travel thru it, like your speaker fabric), the sound passes thru the fabric and then passes thru the insulation / foam. This will alter the wave length and impede it's ability to travel. Once it passes thru the insulation the sound bounces off the surface (wall or ceiling) and passes thru the insulation again. Once again, the back pass will further alter the sound wave. This is was reduces the echo. Hanging these things with an air gap is a pain. If they're plywood backed, it won't do much good. If they have a fabric backing, the air gap will make a difference - especially for the deep or low sounds.
121 2 . Reply
Greg Breland . 2017-02-04
You should do a project on building wooden sound supression for your walls. I've been researching this myself and there are very little good resources out there. Most are sound guys doing woodworking so it's very low end result.

121 2 . Reply
Anthony E. Idealistic Woodworks . 2017-02-04
only good thing about a small basement shop, once you add the tools and other jigs, it really doesn't echo, now sound reduction would come in handy considering i'm falling behind on my work and of course my back is out again, come on next week and chiropractor!!!
121 2 . Reply
neistridlar . 2017-02-04
Dam it Marc. Now that you mentioned it I can not help but notice every bit of reverb. Before I was blissfully unaware!
121 2 . Reply
Gene Anthes . 2017-02-04
It seems like now that you're getting settled in your new place you're producing more content. Love it! Keep it up. Headed to Patreon now!
121 2 . Reply
Mike McDonald . 2017-02-04
I wonder how bad they are going to collect sawdust and how often you will need to clean them.? HAHA you mentioned it later in the video after I had posted the comment :)
121 2 . Reply
Mike McDonald . 2017-02-04
yeah i hate the videos with the reverb echo shop. Sometimes even if the video has nice relevant info i can't watch them due to the bad audio. Thats one reason I like your videos I don't hear the echo like some. Also using a lapel mic helps over the mic built into the camera. And if you really are a good sound person using a compressor limiter is even better and can remove all the echo.
121 2 . Reply
Jon Stewart . 2017-02-04
If they slide at all from tool vibration, just dip some screws in the same color paint as the ceiling, then drive one into the ceiling at the edge of each tile (on the side they slide off toward).
121 2 . Reply
Joseph Muench . 2017-02-04
Your shop is coming along nicely.
121 2 . Reply
Jack Scherer . 2017-02-04
I can tell the difference on my headphones awesome job!
121 2 . Reply
Fred McIntyre . 2017-02-04
Sounds good!
121 2 . Reply
Howard Springsteen . 2017-02-03
Ha! You clapped at the end anyway. Thanks for sharing.
121 2 . Reply
John Davidson . 2017-02-03
if your the woodwhisperer and you know it.....
121 2 . Reply
J Parra . 2017-02-03
I listened to the beginning of the video then compared to the end.  I can hear the improvement.  Good job.
121 2 . Reply
Make Build Modify . 2017-02-03
Great advice! Thank Marc.
121 2 . Reply
Walt Jensen . 2017-02-03
Mark, E Z anchors are not approved for ceilings either. Great video.
121 2 . Reply
Pete Dorr . 2017-02-03
121 2 . Reply
EscapeMCP . 2017-02-03
I can't imagine that panel above the PC is going to do much. You need to work out where you will be when you talk and also where the mic will be. Now imagine putting a mirror on all your surfaces. Anywhere where you could 'see' the mic (in your imaginary mirrors) when talking is where you want to have panels. Any sound will come out of your mouth, bounce off of the wall and enter the mic is the stuff you want to stop.
I'm not explaining myself very well... what was it that a picture is worth again??: http://www.soundandvision.com/images/archivesart/1102room.14.jpg (admittedly it's a VERY simplified diagram with no first reflection (F) lines hitting the back, front or bottom walls, but you should get the idea). Work out where the sound can make it to the mic in a single bounce and attack that first. IF you manage that, you can then see if you need to tame those double bounces (i.e. the reverberations (R) in the pic).
You want to place the panels where those first reflections hit the wall. The one above the PC is not going to do anything (sorry Marc) - if you could possibly place it lower on the wall, you'd be golden :)
121 2 . Reply
Rick Roades . 2017-02-03
What you did works so obviously no advice there! As I started to watch, I imagined opposed facing French cleats on each end, almost like a very wide sliding dovetail, loose fitting to make it easy to slide on
121 2 . Reply
Luke Smith . 2017-02-03
Marc, I have an idea that might work well for your sound treatment needs. I have made very nice sound panels for my apartment using denim insulation stapled into a very simple frame made from 1x4 lumber. Then I used an old black sheet to make it look nice, again just stapling it in place. Overall very easy and quick to make, and they look (almost) professional!

I also have recorded a lot of music in my home studio, these panels work just as well as any store bought one I have used.
121 2 . Reply
dwmfty . 2017-02-03
I made them out of 4 by 2 pine as a frame insulation batts and different coloured Hessian bag you can make different sizes shapes and it works extremely well if you want something cool you can go to a fabric shop and get stuff with patterns etc
121 2 . Reply
A B . 2017-02-03
Correct. Two separate walls with airspace between are essential for beginning of sound proofing. Separate walls are needed with staggering studs.Also , non parallel walls disperse frequencies much more efficiently
121 2 . Reply
Big Fat Tony's . 2017-02-03
Cremona needs to borrow that laser to get his Monster Band Saw parts to line up.
121 2 . Reply
Big Fat Tony's . 2017-02-03
You can get all of the acoustic ceiling tiles that you want for free. When retail store space changes from one tenant to another they almost always throw away the existing ceiling tiles and replace them with new. Construction managers (smart ones) are always looking to reduce dumpster expense. Offer this deal, "Stack the ceiling tiles next to the dumpster and send me and email, I'll come get them the same evening." Screw them directly to your joists and you have sound absorption and light reflection. The tiles used by retail stores do not sag like the type sold at the Hardware Abyss. (Light fixtures are also throw out regardless of age)
121 2 . Reply
Beanbag109 . 2017-02-03
Noticeable improvement in sound quality! Well done!
121 2 . Reply
SyberPrepper . 2017-02-03
Excellent video. Definitely could tell the difference in sound/echo between the beginning and ending of the video.
121 2 . Reply
Brian Prusa . 2017-02-03
"I can make your hands clap." -Fitz
121 2 . Reply
Sneaky Taniwha . 2017-02-03
Enjoyed the video, loved the shirt.
121 2 . Reply
David N . 2017-02-03
maybe add some metal straps across the panels screwed into ceiling joists for additional support?
121 2 . Reply
Henry Wang . 2017-02-03
Huge difference in sound quality. Easily half the echo is gone.
121 2 . Reply
WaldvogelReview . 2017-02-03
NICE VIDEO ! The best audio wont always be a dead space, but one that is natural from adding irregular shapes to problematic area. Those are awesome. Any other problem areas could be addressed with simple diffusion and not necessarily absorption
121 2 . Reply