B.ESP. Nathan CHEN FS - 2016 Grand Prix Final

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グランプリファイナル フリースケーティング Figure Skating.

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”フィギュアスケート” ”グランプリファイナル” figure skating” gpf dance Grand Prix of Figure Skating Nathan CHEN

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    Popular Comments:

Nora Norowska . 2018-09-03
Something awesome !
121 2 . Reply
connie tran . 2018-07-23
His jumps are so consistent and powerful
121 2 . Reply
Jas Wang . 2018-06-26
Did anyone realise that at 7:35 , Naten was going to fist bump but it wasnt a fist bump cause the person was just doing his tie
121 2 . Reply
Mey Puim . 2017-10-23
Nathan threw it down!!!!!
121 2 . Reply
lauramartha3 . 2017-01-22
And he just did five perfect quads at U.S. Nationals! His artistry has already improved so much since last season. Plus, he was off the ice for five months recovering from hip surgery.....which makes this all the more amazing. He's working with Marina Zoueva on artistry, even though Rafael is his primary coach: smart kid, and smart coaches all around him. Just think what his score will be when he "backloads" some of his quads in his performance. He's only 17 and is being brought along very well by knowledgeable coaches and his own inner drive.
121 2 . Reply
Linda Shultz . 2017-01-11
What a great skate Nathan!!!! So enjoy the Eurosport announcers so much more than Tara and Johnny!!!
121 2 . Reply
T T . 2016-12-17
Only jumps, nothing else ...
121 2 . Reply
Joseph Ondercin . 2016-12-16
Nathan Chen is the most exciting American men's skater to come along in a very long time.  To have mastered the most difficult jumps at the age of 17 takes more than just hard work on the practice ice; it takes a God-given talent.  To then be able to perform those jumps flawlessly in a free skate requires something else: the heart of a competitive champion.  The US has produced other men who had redefined men's skating, but none who could do what Nathan does as a teenager.  I believe he has not even begun to show us his artistic ability.  His free skate here is just a preview of what is to come: an Olympic gold medal.  Stay healthy Nathan; it's all yours.
121 2 . Reply
erin peacexo . 2016-12-13
Nathan Chen is amazing. Artistry needs a little work, but still not too bad. He's not just a jumping machine. He will be a contender for gold next year at the Olympics!!
121 2 . Reply
Linda Shultz . 2016-12-13
Big improvement in presentation!! Keep it up Nathan!
121 2 . Reply
annam cancarini . 2016-12-12
In my opinion the short program should be eliminated: the risult would be much fairer and honest then. You skate, you are the best, you win. Today Chen was surely the best, but not in the short...
121 2 . Reply
dsfddsgh . 2016-12-12
I just hope that Nathan doesn't overdue it like last season when he blew out his hip at the US Nationals gala which cost his a chance to skate at Worlds. He needs to be smarter and give his body some time to recover from these insane jumps. I also hope he realizes that he has more then one Olympics in him and that his time might not be 2018 but 2022 when he will be in his prime if his body doesn't break down from all these quads.
121 2 . Reply
Carolina Vitulli . 2016-12-12
Great jumper but lacks artistry. Hope he works on that soon!!! Great FS.
121 2 . Reply
박혜완 . 2016-12-11
wish him to be the 2018 PyoungChang Olympic champion!  masmerizing! incredible! confident! full of true spirit as well!  a New Star is born!  I can't believe what I see!  And how calm when he look at the score.  Champion's mind!  He is only 17 years old!
121 2 . Reply
Alyssa . 2016-12-11
Man I can't wait to see the upcoming events from Nathan. I'm so happy he got silver, even though I'm a bit sad that Javi and Patrick couldn't place podium this year ): but it just shows how hard the younger skaters are working to compete against their seniors and putting pressure on them to go even further than they have! Good job Nathan, you really worked for silver!!!
121 2 . Reply
Mr. Clyde Devoe Bailey . 2016-12-11
He's only 17 the artistry will come.. If he had not fallen in the short program I wonder just how different the results may have been....
121 2 . Reply
Miley Jocson . 2016-12-11
OMG im such a big fan now!
121 2 . Reply
Lianne Cymbalisty . 2016-12-11
I find it amazing that so many felt Nathan Chen should have taken the gold and was "robbed". Without a doubt, he had the best technical performance, and he was rewarded for it, while the others had deductions. However, his footwork, spins and musicality were almost non-existent, and yet he was given an artistic score which was only 6 to 8 points less than Javier and Yuzuro. Andrew's remarks were bang on. He needs a much better choreographer, and his coach has to teach him how to express feeling for his music through his hand gestures and facial expressions! Figure skating is more than just jumping, or at least it is supposed to be!
121 2 . Reply
snowcherryleopard . 2016-12-11
7:00 LOL Raf making sure that Nathan is getting his spin levels!
121 2 . Reply
lauramartha3 . 2016-12-11
He has already improved his artistry since last season (although it certainly has a ways to go; but I was amazed to learn that in addition to doing gymnastics for seven years, he also studied with Ballet West for several years, so would have thought his arm movements, posture, and artistry/musicality would have been better), but he's only 17, he has good technique on all his jumps and many of his spins (and I'm sure the edging and knee bends and use of his entire body will come in time). Plus, remember, he hurt his hip at an exhibition at end of last season and needed surgery, so he's only been recuperating for several months.....and still he's able to put out a program like this, with great stamina and solid technique on his quads. He's certainly someone to watch, and I hope that, working with Zueva and Artyunyan, he will learn the artistic side of his sport.
121 2 . Reply
chima chibi . 2016-12-11
Future champion...very soon..possibly next Olympic champion??
121 2 . Reply
ra smy . 2016-12-11
Nathan should win, love his style, playful, musical, dramatic, energetic, his arms can breath, whole package. Champion of Tomorrow! Champion of Olympic!! So funand interesting to watch!!
121 2 . Reply
Hannah Đỗ . 2016-12-11
his skate today was exquisite!!!!!! today's a bad day for everyone else in the men's single but his (and shoma) clean skate was so refreshing, wow. can't wait for his future performances
121 2 . Reply
Andrew Kim . 2016-12-11
Sorry Nathan, I forgot to congratulate u on a smashing performance in the FS. Truly exhilarting jus watching u  perform. If Yuzuru wasn't overrated in the SP, u wud be whr u shd be, gold medallist. Btw, why doesn't the Armenian cold fish give u a warm hug for that fantastic performance, he nvr sees to know how to motivate and give the moral/emotional support to hs star protégées. Silly Raphael.
121 2 . Reply
Peggy Li . 2016-12-11
Amazing performance, his jumps are so clean.
121 2 . Reply
Andrew Kim . 2016-12-11
Nathan, u need a top notch choreographer to be a consummate skater and at the top of the pile whr u belong !! U cant afford to delay further because u r supposed to peak around this age to make yr skating career worthwhile. It wud be sad to see yr talent go unfulfilled jus bcos u didn't do the needful.
121 2 . Reply
amazinglazedonut . 2016-12-11
This is ridiculous. My orthodontist can retire now that he's got to reattach my jaw which is currently on the floor due to this performance... What a true master of toe jumps, like a male Yuna Kim + 1 additional full rotation on all her jumps (noting that her loop topped out at a double, and excluding the salchow which I'm sure he can do a quad on)!
121 2 . Reply
WOWitsANT . 2016-12-10
It's interesting that during his novice and junior years he was known for his performance and artistry and now he is more known for the technical part. If anything that means that he can easily put both parts of he program together next season after he makes a name for himself this year. If he does that then he could be unbeatable.
121 2 . Reply
mili ququi . 2016-12-10
121 2 . Reply
Powerof923 . 2016-12-10
Good to know that when Hanging stops there's already going to be absolute blazers there!! Between Chen, Uno, Jin (when he's worked on artistry) and Cha Junhwan from the junior side, male figure skating has a VERY bright future
121 2 . Reply
barkingtree88 . 2016-12-10
And we thought last year Hanyu was unbeatable...
121 2 . Reply
SkatingBird11 Gamer . 2016-12-10
Does his costume remind anyone else of Anastasia Gubanova's (junior ladies silver medalist here) freeskate dress?
121 2 . Reply
Iznogood Lemons . 2016-12-10
wow I didn't know he had that in him he just earned a new fan
121 2 . Reply
Y Yara . 2016-12-10
Very impressive jumping display; his best performance of the season. Nathan is looking good for the US Nationals and hopefully grab a spot in the two-man world team. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if 4-4 combination and 4A are allowed in competition under current rules? Not that I expect anyone doing those jumps anytime soon, but just wondering...
121 2 . Reply
Rio Santara . 2016-12-10
future champions.
121 2 . Reply
Warren Franklin . 2016-12-10
If he could get his artistic mark much higher, he would be almost unstoppable. Those are some incredible quads.
121 2 . Reply
yelly . 2016-12-10
mygod my jaw was just hanging the whole time as I watched this from the live-stream earlier. I didn't think he'd actually pull it off in the GPF (maybe in the US Nationals, but not here) but he effing did it. his technical skills are already waaaaay up there, but he still needs to work on other aspects to raise his PCS, and boy am I waiting for that day to come. just...wow. can't wait for the US Nationals. hoping he'd have his SP down by then too!
121 2 . Reply
Marina Belochka . 2016-12-10
Oh, you are my love); I'm so proud of them. He won free programa over Hanyu.
121 2 . Reply
Wotan World . 2016-12-10
SHAME ON YOU JUDGES! The guy deserved the gold medal -- fair and square! Only if you didn't decide to actually screw him and give the gold medal to a guy who skated poorly an otherwise shit program...

121 2 . Reply
Wang Daniel . 2016-12-10
Bravo! Bravo! wow! Wow! see how many falls by the later three after this outstanding performance!
121 2 . Reply
Jair, TheLiteraryMasturbator . 2016-12-10
INCREDIBEL!!! He should be American Champion after Nationals especially if he skates like this. Potential world medalist as well.
121 2 . Reply