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Venom Movie 2018 FIRST LOOK and details!

Hey Webheads! In this video I am going to be talking about The Venom movie and our first look at the film. Also, we get some details on what storyline the venom movie is going to be based off of and where it will take place. Tom Holland is not confirmed for the Venom movie just yet, but I have a feeling they will put him in the movie. Everything so far that has come out about the Venom movie has looked amazing and I am really excited to talk about it with you guys. So if you guys want to hear the latest on the Venom Movie make sure to stay until the end of the video! I hope you all enjoy this video and decide to join the Webhead Community today!

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Webhead . 2018-01-13
Hey Webheads! Let me know what you guys think about this Venom movie first look! I always want to hear your opinions on this stuff! Thank you all for watching and I'll see you all in the video tomorrow!
121 2 . Reply
john silcox . 2018-06-10
The only problem with having room I mean not having Spider-Man in the movie would be the would be no reason for Venom to have the spiral symbol on his chest .
121 2 . Reply
doug bull . 2018-04-20
I hope carnage is the villain.omg seeing carnage fight venom on imax I'd shit my pants
121 2 . Reply
Aleksandar Kraljevski . 2018-03-16
Fack the venom movie i like venom but if spiderman isnt in here than fact it i will never watch it
121 2 . Reply
ii_Rexvex 267 . 2018-03-10
Andrew wasn’t in the mcu so it makes sense
121 2 . Reply
Anthony Colon . 2018-02-24
Venom is gonna kick butt
121 2 . Reply
Cesar Herrera . 2018-02-08
I think it's going to be Andrew because Tom's suit is Electric
121 2 . Reply
Jecksy . 2018-02-06
COMIC CON EXPERIENCE or CCXP is Brazil's main comic con, and we are proud to say we are the largest in the world, even more visitors than San Diego's, with 227 thousand ppl! The panels last year were amazing! We got to see about 10 minutes of black panther, unfinished footages of Ant-man and the Wasp, plus the Jurassic World and Venom panels which gave tee shirts and hats! So proud to see our con getting some attention in the international spectrum!
121 2 . Reply
James Green . 2018-02-01
Venom has been my favorite comic book character since I was a wee lad in the early 90s. I agree Spider-Man 3 was an insult to the depth of his character. keep us updated brother, let's hope they do this one right.
121 2 . Reply
M.J's Show and Tell . 2018-01-29
Yeah I wonder when they Will release a venom movie trailer ?
121 2 . Reply
B4D- W0LV3Z . 2018-01-28
i like also the old venom like the suite not really the actor 😁
121 2 . Reply
darrian worley . 2018-01-25
I think they should make a spider Man movie with Toby McGuire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland and kinda Link the storylines together
121 2 . Reply
Rob M . 2018-01-15
I'd be very wary of this until we see a trailer. Tom Hardy is good, but you need to remember its being produced by cokehead Amy Pascal and Avi Arad (the dude that put Venom into Spiderman 3) which ruined it. And it's being written by the guys that did Jumanji and Fifty Shades of Grey. Going with the director this isn't going to be anything like typical Spider-man movie, its more a low/mid-budget horror movie with some comedy elements.

I doubt there will be any Spider-man in this. He is already going to be in Infinity War and the animated movie in one year.
121 2 . Reply
CraftGio . 2018-01-14
Any ideas when a trailer drops
121 2 . Reply
Abandoned Account . 2018-01-13
The Lego Set has been revealed for Infinity War!!!
121 2 . Reply
SpideyRob Infinite . 2018-01-13
Where did you get a nice photo of the full venom suit?
121 2 . Reply
poopy pidgeon224 . 2018-01-13
What happens if venom bonds with thanos?
121 2 . Reply
isaac berrios . 2018-01-13
I been waiting for awhile for a solo Vemon movie which I believe it's going to be great. If Spider-Man shows up in Vemon a fight scene that would be amazing.
121 2 . Reply
SirTyJensen . 2018-01-13
I'm excited for Venom, nobody cared about Venom until Tom Hardy signed on. I doubt we'll see Spider-Man. Yeah I seen that anmouncement vlog.
121 2 . Reply
Sandeep Kamath . 2018-01-13
Is venom connacted to the mcu?
121 2 . Reply
Zaved Quorishi . 2018-01-13
Web do u think eddie brock and kassidy will have brotherly relashionship.
121 2 . Reply
Anthony Armento . 2018-01-13
I'm excised for it
121 2 . Reply
Dominick Cirigliano . 2018-01-13
Maybe could it be that the sony movies are another time line that is going to merge with the MCU after the Infinity war!! or its going to be its own thing.
121 2 . Reply
xXLilLuxeXx . 2018-01-13
No offense but I think that I’ll be in that line before you😂
121 2 . Reply
Tre'von Anderson . 2018-01-13
I think this venom movie is going to be awesome
121 2 . Reply
Spider-Man 4 life . 2018-01-13
I'll see venom if spiderman in it.oh and webhead I have a problem with the dc fans they keep saying marvel is medicore comedy universe they are the worst what can I do for fans of marvel fans and dc fans from fighting each other?
121 2 . Reply
Carlos Garcia . 2018-01-13
I totally agree if Spider-Man is in Venom totally Tom Holland because look at his contract
121 2 . Reply
_Onechain_ . 2018-01-13
I am
121 2 . Reply