EXCLUSIVE: 'Get Out' Producer Jason Blum On Why ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ Movie Will Work

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Jason Blum - producer of horror hits like Get Out, Insidious and Paranormal Activity - recently landed the rights to hit game Five Nights at Freddy's, and has been exclusively telling FANDOM why he thinks a film adaptation will work.

"It’s kind of horror" Blum explained. "I’ve been working with [game creator] Scott Cawthon on trying to turn that into a movie. That game has a rabid fan-base, and I would say without Scott it wouldn’t make a good movie, but Scott has a clear very idea of what he wants the movie to be and I think because we are using the same creator as the game in Scott, I think there will be a great movie in it. I think without that I’d be sceptical about a Five Nights movie."

There's no word on a start date yet, but to see the rest of the Blum interview - in which he talks about what will set this game adaptation apart from previous - check out the above video.

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    Popular Comments:

Neko K-Pop . 2019-02-11
Wait so "Get Out" is the name of the fnaf movie?
121 2 . Reply
Victor McBride . 2019-02-11
I'm not a fnaf fan anymore but I'd be down for a movie.
121 2 . Reply
Isaac Perreira . 2019-01-09
Scott cawthon ultimate 64 da família dele ficar tomando conta da família dele foi passar um tempo com a família deles quase cawthon criador e não quer ver o jogo mas não quero filme e papai trabalhando trabalhando filmes
121 2 . Reply
Juan Martinez . 2019-01-08
This movie better be rated R
121 2 . Reply
Quentin Lucas . 2018-12-16
Can’t wait for the movie
121 2 . Reply
JR Tv . 2018-11-12
FNAF used to be the best game but let's see if the movie gets everyone's attention
121 2 . Reply
Joaquin 0135 :v . 2018-11-08
Coming soon

121 2 . Reply
Puppet Master . 2018-10-28
It’s Scott CAWTHON!!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Rose . 2018-08-13
If they ever make a fnaf movie I hope it's not pg13
121 2 . Reply
shots lag . 2018-06-11
Same nigga who helped with get out
121 2 . Reply
GG M8 . 2018-06-05
Brace Yourself, MatPat...
121 2 . Reply
Christopher Zagal . 2018-05-29
The fanbase is dead
121 2 . Reply
Auracore _ . 2018-05-14
They have to understand it’s more about a family then anything else.
121 2 . Reply
Parker-Plays . 2018-05-01
It’s going too be sooo good
121 2 . Reply
Seiko is Holly . 2018-04-12
I hope it will work
121 2 . Reply
It’s WilliamAfton . 2018-04-08
121 2 . Reply
Franniel Martinez . 2018-04-06
Si en Warner Bros. no tenias libertad creativa, aqui esta opcion es mejor, y realizar una mejor adaptacion que este igual de buenas que los juegos
121 2 . Reply
Lynea Fung . 2018-04-03
Oh my gosh so excited
121 2 . Reply
Alben0 . 2018-03-20
Looking forward to it, hopefully it wont disapoint
121 2 . Reply
Psychotic Hitcher . 2018-03-18
When I read Chris Columbus, Jason Blum, and Scott Cawthon made an arrangement to make a FNAF film, I died laughing, I hope it works out for them, and I can't wait to see what they do with it. . .
121 2 . Reply
talis doll comic . 2018-03-11
To sum it up Revenge story and the guy try to survive
121 2 . Reply
SavianJonesArt . 2018-03-09
Yall can take all the time you need because i'm still hyped up for this! I'm so exited
121 2 . Reply
DiamondOrca . 2018-03-07
I'm excited
121 2 . Reply
quintincool . 2018-02-17
I started liking this game when I was 7
121 2 . Reply
Kashi Kage . 2018-02-14
Like he said.. how many video game movies do we know of that had the ACTUAL CREATOR OF THE GAME Helping out and sharing the vision? That's the problem with other video game movies ... Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter... None of the Actual creators of the game made those movies, or had a huge part in them. That's why the source material is so far out of whack and turns out to be complete crap. The directors don't really understand these characters or story lines. But now you have Scott Cawthon.. The one who made it all?? And he has a huge say in how the story is going??

121 2 . Reply
William Carmickle . 2018-02-13
Everyone is mad right now...But I'm gonna give it a chance...Especially as a fan of some of Blumhouse's products...
Get Out, Sinister, Insidious...

I'm gonna give it a chance
121 2 . Reply
Sebastian's Mind . 2018-02-13
Well he seems pretty enthusiastic about it.
Maybe it won't be that bad. Afterall, there have been Some good VG Adaptations, Maybe this could be one of those :-)
121 2 . Reply
RedAnimations . 2018-01-23
Lets hope the film will show the full storyline instead of it being chopped into parts
121 2 . Reply
Fun Gamer . 2018-01-22
its coming at summer :O
121 2 . Reply
N A . 2018-01-20
0:09 "Kind of horror" Who else was screaming and freaking when he said that? It is Horror it's from a Horror Game if it wasn't horror then it would be call Horror. I have faith in Blumhouse they are low budget which is why they make everything so fucking scary, Scott couldn't have paired up with a better team this is exactly what the FNAF movie needs brilliant minds coming together to get really creative on a low budget also as a rabid fan please fix Scotts last name. One of the shittiest things that can happen having your name spelled wrong , it's even worse if your names spelled wrong if its on the big screens don't be sloppy
121 2 . Reply
EL gamer12 . 2018-01-16
121 2 . Reply
RedGalaxyDragon 176 Animations . 2018-01-15
Omg my dreams have come true thank the lord THERES A FNAF MOVIE!!!
121 2 . Reply
Rascist People ARE Autistic And CANCER . 2018-01-15
Also can Blum house make the movie rated R
121 2 . Reply
Rascist People ARE Autistic And CANCER . 2018-01-15
Come on guys
121 2 . Reply
Toy Bonnie . 2018-01-13
Hold on to your hats, and throw them away in June! XD
121 2 . Reply
Kaylyn Reid . 2018-01-07
Ok please create the fnaf movie i am very excited and everything
121 2 . Reply
tere mese . 2018-01-06
Dafuq is Cawthorn
121 2 . Reply
LunaZombeh . 2018-01-04
And we havent heard anything since...;-;
121 2 . Reply
Shared ACc110011001 . 2018-01-04
Is it dead
121 2 . Reply
Triple _tubers . 2018-01-04
They better have Markiplier guest starring in the movie
121 2 . Reply
pals- gamingiXx . 2017-12-31
, blumhouse Productions can I tell you about sister location
121 2 . Reply
pals- gamingiXx . 2017-12-31
What is because people are very happy about this in Scott and Sons Southern stuff for kids for Five Nights at Freddy's so you should have not make it rated R because some kids like this game and and I think it's kind of fun and then thanks it's okay but your business will go more lower and you make this kid make a cake frosting please because I was just as a 10 year old
121 2 . Reply
Twisted Vargas . 2017-12-28

The hell?
121 2 . Reply
fox b5 . 2017-12-27
A bunch of jump scares great
121 2 . Reply
Its Aquatii . 2017-12-08
121 2 . Reply
Jek Echo-49 . 2017-12-01
Dear Comment Section,First of all, some people should piss off, this could be a great movie!!! Second of all, Scott’s worked his butt off making this game and he deserves some praise for seeing it til the end. Third of all, This movie will be overseen by Scott which will make this probably the best video game movie ever because he Blum offers Scott to make the story and not someone foreign to the franchise, the rights aren’t sold they are being shared. Fourth of all, it’s Scott CAWTHON, not Coffin, not Cawthorn, it’s Cawthon (Show some respect comment section!). P.S. I couldn’t give two craps about what reply you make against me because it’s probably gonna be the stupidest comment in the whole Section.
121 2 . Reply
E V I E . 2017-11-19
When he talked about the fandom, people got triggered but he does actually like the game which is a good sign. I can't wait for this movie, I don't know when it'll come out which is gonna be hype! ^-^
Keep up the good work because with Scott around to actually help the movie, unlike game creators, this should be a good video game movie. I mean, all video game movies beat the Mario Movie which wasn't great at all.
121 2 . Reply
Laaath . 2017-11-18
The animitrics better look good for waiting a long time
121 2 . Reply
TurtleWizard . 2017-11-12
They should make fnaf into a show instead of a movie and then make it into a movie later
121 2 . Reply
Tarquinn Matthew . 2017-10-29
I hope they add purple guys death in the spring lock suit and make it gory.
121 2 . Reply