Rhetorical Devices - Metaphor, Simile, Antithesis, Oxymoron

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to another video on Beaming Notes. Today, we are going to talk about some important Rhetorical Devices in English Literature!

Voice-Over and Narration : Anushree Sen


Figures based on similarity:
An explicit comparison made between two allied things or ideas.
Example: She is red as a rose. In this sentence comparison is made between two unallied objects, she and rose and the point of similarity between them which is the color red; is made by the word 'as'.

An implied comparison is made between two different things or ideas. Example: The camel is the ship of the desert. A comparison is made between two different objects, a camel and the ship and the comparison is not explicit but implicit.

Figures based on contrast:
Contrasted words or ideas are placed together in a balanced form for the sake of emphasis. Example, United we stand, divided we fall. Here, the opposing ideas of unity and division are placed together to make the final idea more attractive and also to emphasize on the value of unity.

In this figure of speech there is a shocking contradiction in the apparent meaning of a statement but there is an underlying significance. Example, Failures are the pillars of success.

In an oxymoron two contradictory words or ideas are juxtaposed for a striking effect. Example - glimmering darkness.

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