Embroidery Machine Comparison | Home Embroidery Machines vs Commercial

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Embroidery Machine Comparison | Home Embroidery Machines vs Commercial

The latest embroidery machines from Brother, like the pr1000e or the Entrepreneur Pro, the pe770 and pr655 and several models by Husqvarna-Viking can be very attractive to home embroiderers that want to start their own businesses. But there are serious drawbacks to using them for production that people starting an embroidery business might not be aware of.

You can learn more about commercial embroidery here: http://www.coldesi.com/learning-center/learn-about-embroidery

In this live online webinar recording we compare the features and embroidery machine accessories that differentiate the consumer machine from the commercial and let you decide which is appropriate for you.

For a quick video on the features of the Avance 1501C featured in this video click here: https://youtu.be/v5I0YYtWrcQ

Here are just a few of the things discussed that make the Avance 1501C industrial or professional embroidery machine stand out vs. consumer models:

- Larger sewing field - most embroiderers base their pricing on quantity of stitches - the bigger the design, the more money you can make

- Sewing on Caps - while it is technically possible to embroidery on caps on some "prosumer" machines like the Brother Pr1000e, it's time consuming and an expensive add on. Every Avance can easily embroidery on caps. See the Avance embroidery a 3D design on caps: https://youtu.be/6eEj18LBBKg

- Designed for Business - One of the most appealing parts of some of the more expensive home machines, like the single needle Viking machine that sells for $14,999, is the large touch pad control panels. This was considered when the Avance was designed, but discarded because of their limited life cycle, rated by the # of touches, and that it just adds another point of failure.

- Designed for Business - Commercial machines have heavier duty motors and other components because your business runs all day! Being able to handle 8-12 hours, or even 24 hours of operation every day is simply beyond the capacity of consumer machines designed to run for a few hours at at time.

- Price! - it seems strange, but a great quality commercial machine, like the Avance 1501C is often THOUSANDS cheaper than high end consumer systems.

Once you've done your research here, we'd love to answer any questions for you. Just call us at 877-793-3278 or visit http://www.avance-emb.com

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Mary White . 2018-10-01
Not what this video said it would be.
121 2 . Reply
Joel Botts . 2018-05-12
There is no comparison here
121 2 . Reply
Markus Angula . 2018-02-22
how much is the machine?
121 2 . Reply
Moto Man . 2018-02-12
Your title is misleading.On that won't even look at this machine.
121 2 . Reply
Needle My Heart . 2017-07-06
I was expecting an actual machine comparison - not a company pitch that slams the other machines. I would have been more interested in this machine/company if it would have been presented in a more mature and business like manner. Stick to the facts - show a side-by-side comparison chart of the frames, stitches, speed, price etc. I currently have a Babylock Enterprise (2015) and a Brother Persona (2016) which I use for my home business. From going to trade shows I know now that I, like many others have purchased the wrong machine for my business not because they are bad machines (they do the job just fine) but because I literally paid too much money! - plus I feel I was given very little support. I could have gotten a 15-needle for less than what I paid for my 10-needle and that hurts but as I explained to one salesman - I never knew - No one is out there actively marketing to those of us starting home businesses. Another thing that Commercial companies can do to help us home based embroiderers buy their machines is to take our machines in trade! So far I get the same line that they don't want a warehouse full of machines that cost more than they can sell theirs new but most people, including myself do not have that much cash to buy these machines outright - even used ones and so must rely on financing - not being a big company, we can't offer others financing if we want to sell our machines, the bigger commercial companies can sell these used machines much faster than we can as individuals and offer financing to those that need it so it makes much more logical sense for them to take these machines in on trade and then sell them to people just starting that maybe want a multi-needle to do more for themselves, family and friends but not start a business.
121 2 . Reply
Rodrigo Guerrero . 2017-06-03
Install software on virtual machine on your Mac and be happy!
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Khailo . 2017-02-16
this machine sucks i have 2. Tajima TMBR-SC Purchased problem solved.
121 2 . Reply
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