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Video Summary:
1:30 - Ignoring That Your Body Is Changing As You Age
2:14 - Not Taking Care Of Your Skin
5:24 - Not Having A Shaving Routine
6:32 - Not Scheduling Your Haircuts
7:20 - Not Understanding Your Overall Body System

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    Popular Comments:

Y Tee . 2018-05-29
Real men dont shave
121 2 . Reply
Wow first time i see this channel.likes and Subscribed best channel
121 2 . Reply
Dev9172 . 2017-10-20
Did not tell me anything .
121 2 . Reply
Vincent Gonzalez . 2017-08-26
I had a very small ingrown on both large toes and the second one, the doctor placed a ring on it then numbed it, then smacked it hard and asked if it hurt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) pain is there as a persistent notification of damage
121 2 . Reply
Zahir Sookoor . 2017-06-14
Just subscribed after seeing a few of your vids.
121 2 . Reply
Mr. Marian . 2017-04-21
What jacket is it?
121 2 . Reply
Sheldon Thibault . 2017-03-31
Zest is horrible in Saskatchewan's dry weather. I dry shave my patches with safety razor and just use water.
121 2 . Reply
Mark Møller Hansen . 2017-03-13
Antonio, I'm dying here.
For one: Most of the products you're pushing are American made, last time I had to add a third of the price on top of the original price. Our country's mean to you "Yanks" when it comes to import. Worth every cent, but it's expensive to import all this goodness.
Secondly: I can't access Tiege's website. So now I have to spend my time on putting together a kit of my own. Which I will, but begrudgingly, as you usually advertise for really solid companies with good values.
121 2 . Reply
Grumpy old fart . 2017-02-11
Shave Damnit...... Nothing makes you look older than a 4 day beard, and greasy hair. the women hate that look, even though it seems to be the style nowadays. My beard is gray and red, and looks like a mangey dog, so I shave and wash my hair every day.
121 2 . Reply
I'm Rick Harrison and this is my pawn. Hey. . 2017-02-01
Only true men cut their beard with a knife!!
121 2 . Reply
The Lemon Eater . 2017-01-29
Tiege Hanley!!! the last product I expected to see here xD
121 2 . Reply
criticalmass500 . 2017-01-26
most videos are more like advertisements disguised in advise
121 2 . Reply
TallicLizzy . 2017-01-13
This video was just a badly disguised ad.
121 2 . Reply
jabbyno1 . 2017-01-12
I just signed up to the Tiege Hanley monthly subscription. Looking forward to trying it out. :-)
121 2 . Reply
LS 400 . 2017-01-04
121 2 . Reply
Alexander Groß . 2016-12-23
Hello Antonio,

recently found this channel, have been watching it a lot lately, found out about a few amazing brands through. Unfortunately I do not live in the USA (Germany), so a lot of them I can only purchase on my business trips, which, when it comes to handkerchiefs or ties, is not a problem in itself.
However, I am quite intrigued with tiege but it does not seem they will ship it outside of US/Canada. Any chance you know some international/European alternative, It does not need to be an subscription system. Just good skin care products.

Also: I am 32 now and usually do not have skin problems, apart of the occasional pimple, when I don't sleep for a few days (I'm an insomniak), does it even make sense for me to start using skin care for men? (My parent's skin in their end-fifties looks pretty decent) or should I take precaution ?
121 2 . Reply
Kathryn Pasteur . 2016-11-20
My better half always put on lotion over his body. He had some of the driest skin ever. After he showered he would pat off water drops and then put on body lotion with no aroma in it. When he got his cologne he would get a package that had the matching lotion and that went on his arms and chest. This was a guy who was 6'4" and 195 lbs. He worked out daily and was a man's man. I loved the fact that he took care of himself. He is passed away now. Antonio I think you do a great job on your channel. I talk to my godson about some of the things you discuss here. Thanks for all you do.
121 2 . Reply
Rani Qare . 2016-10-30
I'm 21 and watching this tho ha
121 2 . Reply
Adam Davies . 2016-10-25
No one in worcester can cut my hair right, I end up having to drive an hour away to get the perfect haircut or my hair sticks up when I gel it and that triggers my OCD and ruins my week.
121 2 . Reply
irv gentry . 2016-10-13
Great video
121 2 . Reply
Shams Afridi . 2016-10-10
30 and 40 older ??? WTF man that's where the life starts...
121 2 . Reply
p fritts . 2016-10-04
Been loving your videos for years now!
121 2 . Reply
Niko here . 2016-10-03
i may be half asian and part hispanic part spanish but i myself like to keep my hair cut good and never have facial hair even though most asian guys do but i dont i always shave my mustache and beard
121 2 . Reply
Liam Foley . 2016-09-30
Naw, this is still too much work for too little return. Most men won't have skin issues at all and don't need that kind of thing
121 2 . Reply
Mani T . 2016-09-25
What events did you run ?
121 2 . Reply
Ded Wardm . 2016-09-24
Stay as a nice proper young man. God appreciated your gelled style, don't give in to those funky new styles.
121 2 . Reply
Hass Murad . 2016-09-23
Awesome tips.. Great content ‼️‼️‼️
121 2 . Reply
Grant Mata . 2016-09-20
I live in south Texas! And yeah, you have to be really careful being outside!
121 2 . Reply
VictorUtanQ . 2016-09-17
Just found this channel and I already love it!
121 2 . Reply
Jp O'Riordan . 2016-09-17
His hands are really small
121 2 . Reply
Krojmir . 2016-09-13
Tiege Hanley sounds like a complete scam. Put time and effort on something that really works and scientifically proven; Paula's choice.
121 2 . Reply
DGDevil Gamer . 2016-09-12
hey can u help me in growing my beard fast and properly tips and tricks
121 2 . Reply
Kevin Bowlin . 2016-09-11
Hey Antonio, how many times a week would you recommend shaving?
121 2 . Reply
KUMAR GAURAV . 2016-09-10
great. I can relate with last 3 points, especially with getting injury during exercise ( running) stop doing exercise leading to mess up
121 2 . Reply
Multi Millionaire . 2016-09-10
Your skin looks INCREDIBLE Antonio
121 2 . Reply
Francisco Ruiz . 2016-09-10
For you guys that older in your 30s and 40s haha oy vey!! Hey prevention!
121 2 . Reply
caseydog3 . 2016-09-09
This is just a commercial for tiege
121 2 . Reply
WolfRanger2008 . 2016-09-09
This is a very good advice video. One of the best in my opinion. Yes, there is a offer to join a subscription club for grooming aids but that aside the principles demonstrated are sound and should be followed regardless if one is "corporate" or works in a sewer. There is nothing masculine about being stinky, grungy and unkempt. As for Tiege Hanley these are useful products and the price is not unreasonable but if that is not desired-look at what they offer then make your kit from products purchased from a local bricks and mortar store of your choice.
121 2 . Reply
Black Jesus . 2016-09-09
How much are you getting paid by Aaron to promote his product?
121 2 . Reply
Michael Fennan . 2016-09-09
I feel like I'm 12. cause I am 12
121 2 . Reply
thestrauss . 2016-09-08
And if you don't shave and have an amazing beard to take care of it.
121 2 . Reply
Roi Rabinek . 2016-09-08
is the products approved by some kind of authority like food authorized by the FDA?
121 2 . Reply
Shashwat Pandey . 2016-09-08
Really nice video . I appreciate all the effort that you have put into it
121 2 . Reply
RIDZZZZ . 2016-09-08
How can I always look sharp being an LDS missionary and always wearing a suit everyday for 2 years
121 2 . Reply
Robert Esparza . 2016-09-08
love all your videos, might I suggest posting a video on the the perfect auto to fit ones persona
121 2 . Reply
ForeignZombie . 2016-09-08
I'm so happy I found this channel cause before I use to throw a loose shirt and jeans all the time but I wanted to have a real style to my look. Real men listen to what this guy got to say cause real men got great clean style like this. Question me if I'm a real man I did football and wrestling all through high school (I'm a freshman in college now).
121 2 . Reply
Tanner Lynn . 2016-09-08
haircut every 2 weeks??!?!?
121 2 . Reply
Masbubul Karim . 2016-09-08
i wish you would get a better haircut
121 2 . Reply
Luke . 2016-09-07
holy shit, I can't escape these tiege hanley plugs
121 2 . Reply
Style Your Life . 2016-09-07
awesome video!
121 2 . Reply
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