8 Best Dumbbell Exercises Ever (HIT EVERY MUSCLE!)

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Build a ripped athletic body with just a few dumbbells

Dumbbells are definitely one of the best form of workout equipment due to their ability to be used in small spaces and their high degree of athletic carryover. With their three dimensional freedom, dumbbells allow you to workout in all planes of motion and require a great deal of core strength and stability to use them properly. That said, choosing the best dumbbell exercises ever can be quite a challenge since there are so many to choose from. In this video, I picked the 8 best exercises with dumbbells and give you a reason why each has earned its spot.

To begin, lets take a look at the best dumbbell exercises. They are:

Dumbbell Curl and Press
Crush Grip Goblet Squats
Farmers Carries
One Arm DB Incline Bench Press
DB Pullovers
Tripod Dumbbell Rows

Each of these exercises require either just a single dumbbell or two dumbbells. They were chosen given their ability to work multiple muscle groups in one dumbbell only workout. The more muscles you can train in one workout the quicker your training session will be and the more impact you can have on your body in a shorter period of time.

Dumbbell only workouts can be incredibly challenging. In fact, some people think that you can’t effectively train your legs with db’s since you aren’t able to load up the weight high enough. That’s not true at all. You can choose exercises that you load with even 100lb dumbbells and perform on a single leg and you are sure to be pushing yourself to your limits.

The same can be said for dumbbell chest workouts and dumbbell back and arm workouts. The fact that you aren’t using a barbell does not sacrifice the quality or effectiveness of the training session. That said, you cannot continue to lift light dumbbells and think that you are going to get a great enough workout. Even if you are training at home, aim to lift the heaviest dumbbells that you can lift if you want to build muscle in your workouts.

If you are looking for a complete workout program that uses just a few dumbbells, a bench, a pullup bar and a resistance band then head to http://athleanx.com and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. By using equipment like dumbbells in your workouts, you’re training your body to move and look like an athlete.

For more dumbbell workouts and exercises you can do with dumbbells for your chest, arms and shoulders be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at http://youtube.com/user/jdcav24

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Eric Ellquist . 2019-02-20
I wonder if alternate hand (left, right, left, right, etc.) dumbbell presses might not be easier or a beginner, maybe work up to single hand. These look VERY difficult...
121 2 . Reply
Naton Izaaks . 2019-02-20
I will do this year... The seem more time efficient... I love the fact that you are transparent and honest and pratical about what you do.. Thank you kind sir
121 2 . Reply
Freddy Mnemonic . 2019-02-20
If this guy tanned or spray tanned he would be a BEAST lol!!!
121 2 . Reply
Jozze Qu . 2019-02-20
Thank you, I'm starting this workout at home
121 2 . Reply
Raul Torres . 2019-02-20
Just want to say thank you for these videos.
121 2 . Reply
Majik_58 . 2019-02-19
Beautiful video well done everything explained properly and it like how you didn't drag it on you made it very simple and complete
121 2 . Reply
Eric Ornstein . 2019-02-19
should i break these up or try and do all 8 in one session? what kind of reps should i be doing for each?
121 2 . Reply
JCM . 2019-02-18
Can I do this on same day as bench press dead lift and squats?
121 2 . Reply
Zinther Z . 2019-02-18
just tell me how you got those abs
121 2 . Reply
Maya Gurung . 2019-02-18
121 2 . Reply
Michael Blanford . 2019-02-18
Ok Jeff sir..... I am going to attempt to do one of your programs soon, I am not sure if I will be able to do them with a lot of success as I have one thing against me, lack of O2. I have COPD stage 3 and I do not want to just give up. The doctor said as long as I have no chest pains I should be fine..... So I am going to go with your beast mode one where you lose fat and gain muscle.... I would like to ask a question as well. Since I have low air and been sedimentary for 10 years, Can I get gains and lose fat if I am not able to do high intensity and no cardio?
And one other thing...... You are awesome and I enjoy your teasing Jesse lol
121 2 . Reply
Anthony Knight . 2019-02-17
Thanks for the Motivation I needed new exercises going to watch video again and hit my basement been working out for the last month after being lazy for year's I forgotten how good the burn felt after a good work out so thank you for what you do will watch some more.
121 2 . Reply
Vikas Shakya . 2019-02-17
His biceps literally looks like balloon to me, if anyhow someone insert needle air comes out of them i think.😁
121 2 . Reply
Rob Byer . 2019-02-17
Lol.. the farmer carry. Was raised on the farm and packing 5 gallon pails of water was definitely a good workout when I was a kid.
121 2 . Reply
John Wilkerson . 2019-02-16
Good video bro well put this in action
121 2 . Reply
BillandMel Pat everysinglechanceIget . 2019-02-16
Awesome stuff !!!! thanks mate ...
121 2 . Reply
J S . 2019-02-15
I read this book once, it said for the farmers walk, “ common mistakes include not doing it”. lol so I did them when I used to work out. I’m fat now. 😕
121 2 . Reply
30guarino . 2019-02-15
I would recommend SCREENSHOT each exercise and then look at your photos until it becomes a habit of incorporating them into your workout! Good Luck
121 2 . Reply
Sindoor Belic . 2019-02-15
any of these exercises for triceps ?? I ve done this whole set and like i didnt even touch my triceps...
121 2 . Reply
First Nations Protected . 2019-02-14
You do a great job, I always learn from your YouTube, do more aging athletes, over 40, thanks
121 2 . Reply
Rogue Ninja Rod . 2019-02-14
Reps and sets?
121 2 . Reply
Joe Doug . 2019-02-13
awesome exercises!
121 2 . Reply
Papa Sanz . 2019-02-12
Thank you!
121 2 . Reply
Scott Finn . 2019-02-12
121 2 . Reply
Blake Markowski . 2019-02-12
Aight so does this actually work your biceps?
121 2 . Reply
Flirtatiouspotato Hill . 2019-02-12
Omfg I'm sweating
121 2 . Reply
Dylan F . 2019-02-11
Question: Can I do this as a workout routine 3x a week? I'm 130lbs beginner wanting to go ottermode. Thanks
121 2 . Reply
Sai Bhargav . 2019-02-09
Weight of the dumblee
121 2 . Reply
Logan Roy . 2019-02-08
Love your videos in 14 and weigh 133 but i can bench press 150 pounds because of you
121 2 . Reply
DJ Studio . 2019-02-07
Thx bro
121 2 . Reply
One Flex . 2019-02-07
How long do you do each excercise for every day?
121 2 . Reply
Peter Bedard . 2019-02-07
Stop using dumbbells just jackoff you'll use way more muscles
121 2 . Reply
Joe Rambo . 2019-02-06
I want athlean x 247365 shirts out a link for them in your next video
121 2 . Reply
Osu Osu . 2019-02-06
Guys can anyone please give me a tip for how many reps and set every dumbell exercise.
121 2 . Reply
Mark Kleinke . 2019-02-06
Ty so much I saw your other video and I did everything. I've always been a small kid I got made fun off and now I'm seeing progress thank you so much.
121 2 . Reply
Jorden Birk . 2019-02-06
One of the best videos I've seen in getting me started in working out. 3 weeks in and I'm already wanting more weight
121 2 . Reply
K Goatee . 2019-02-05
I tried to curl press and squat press.
Holy Crapoly!
121 2 . Reply
Paul Racine . 2019-02-05
Remember, if it's hard to do,its not worth doing!
121 2 . Reply
insert coin . 2019-02-05
Ur bicep is popping
121 2 . Reply
Jens Luyten . 2019-02-04
how many reps?
121 2 . Reply
Brian Edward Su . 2019-02-03
121 2 . Reply
Iush Raymond . 2019-02-03
Is following this 8 workouts only in weekend effective ? Is this for upper or lower body or both ?
121 2 . Reply
Steven Beltran . 2019-02-02
5:44 , HA! He said dodo!
121 2 . Reply
Matt Hobson . 2019-02-02
This is the training video I've been looking for. Coming away from my usual training programmes to gain more mass (I'm a very fit 60kgs). I don't have money for a gym but I do have dumbbells and a bands to help with previous shoulder injury rehab. Thanks Jeff. I'm binge watching your programmes here.
121 2 . Reply
Trey Kashflow . 2019-02-02
How the thumbnail looks. Say i had two dumbells pressed together and did curls like that? What is that called and is it good workout motion?
121 2 . Reply
Vishnu Prasad . 2019-02-01
you looks like messi somewhere😉
121 2 . Reply
gargameo . 2019-01-31
how many reps and sets do you recommend for each exercise ?
121 2 . Reply
JazzyG . 2019-01-31
These are great exercise examples. I will definitely incorporate these. Thanks.
121 2 . Reply
Habib Hazratipour . 2019-01-31
121 2 . Reply
BASS boss . 2019-01-31
Is 10 kgs good?
121 2 . Reply