10 Steps to selecting the best machine embroidery software for YOU😀🎁

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There are so many different machine embroidery software out there, it is really hard to make a decision. There are so many factors to decide before you make an investment in embroidery. You want to make the right choice for you, and you want the software to cover everything you need.
Do you want to create your own machine embroidery designs? then probably a full package is right for you - including all of the bells and whistles and fun extra details that will make your digitizing easier and fun. Not ready for digitizing - you still need software to add lettering and set up your designs for stitching, not to mention being able to see your designs on your computer. You will need an embroidery library for all of this.

Follow these 10 steps to help you select the best machine embroidery software for YOU - the one that does what you want, and has the right embroidery tools for your work.


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Enjoy the classes and videos!
Wilcom E4 (all elements)
PEDesign 10 and 11
Embird (all modules)
Wilcom Hatch V2
Embrilliance Essentials, Enthusiast and Stitch Artist 3 - if you are upgrading or purchasing anything in Embrilliance, please be sure to use the affiliate link above)

Embroidery Machines: The Brother Dream Machine 2 (McDreamy) and a Brother PR100e with all upgrades (Ragnar)

Cricut Maker (cricut.com)
Cricut Easy Press (cricut.com)
Silhouette Cameo cutter (silhouette.com)
Brother ScanNcut DX 225 Innovis Edition
Gunold Applique Scissors (gunold.com)
Fabric is usually pre-cuts from Craftsy.com.
Floriani Thread
Gunold Thread

Featuring: Digitizing and full embroidery tutorials with Wilcom E4, Embird, PE Design 10, along with embroidery quick tips plus vlogs, embroidery information, and machine work! I have a Brother PR1000E embroidery machine as well as The Dream Machine 2 - and I love using both machines!


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OML Embroidery . 2019-01-09
If you are having trouble deciding which software is right for you, then check out this video! No, I am not going to TELL you which software to buy, but I will help you work through it to figure it out!!
121 2 . Reply
Misty Shupe . 2019-05-19
121 2 . Reply
Gill Scarisbrick . 2019-01-12
Thank you, although I have Hatch2, which I really really love, it does make me feel as though I ought to have gone through all the software first; but even so I still feel that I made the right choice. This is an excellent video for those coming fresh into embroidery software.
121 2 . Reply
Sally Ann Ball . 2019-01-10
Whew! This was such a good, basic nuts and bolts, explanation of what to keep in mind when considering investing in software. Sure wish I’d watched this video BEFORE investing in software programs that FB users described as “must have” but weren’t what was right for me.
121 2 . Reply
Melinda Myburgh . 2019-01-10
Which software do you use the most for digitizing?
121 2 . Reply
gedoeniko . 2019-01-10
121 2 . Reply
SA Schepp . 2019-01-09
Great ideas, thanks❗️
121 2 . Reply
Nayda Klein . 2019-01-09
So much useful tips.
121 2 . Reply
AquaLars FishNShrimps . 2019-01-09
So which of the sodpftware you’re using is the best? I guess e4?
121 2 . Reply
Suzan Summers . 2019-01-09
Great video Thank you
121 2 . Reply
Dona Corning . 2019-01-09
great video!!
121 2 . Reply